Work in collaboration with me Helen Nuttall on topics such as personal finance, budgeting and saving money.

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Work With Me

Would you like to work with a U.K. Money Blogger?

I hope you’ve taken a good look around Budgeting is a Challenge and have found my content super-useful.

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Work in collaboration with me Helen Nuttall on topics such as personal finance, budgeting and saving money.


What I can offer you

Blog posts

  • Written for you in my style.

I just love writing content!  Content I write includes:

  • sponsored posts
  • advertising
  • guest posts on other blogs
  • reviews of both products and services
  • being a brand ambassador as long as it is something I am excited about, believe in and will interest and be useful to my readers.


Product Reviews

Here are examples of reviews that I have already completed, for things as ab0ve – that I am genuinely sharing with my audience because they will find it useful.

Examples of Reviews

Review: The Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey

Review: How to Be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

Review: The Side Hustle Starter Kit by Nicole Butler




Thanks for your possible interest in advertising on Budgeting is a Challenge.

This blog takes a fair and practical approach to money and how to change people’s financial lives for the better.

We take the content that is published on the blog very seriously in order to give our readers high quality, useful information and tips.

The blog is focused on making money, saving money, budgeting, saving for the future and how people can do this on an average wage.

For me, these subjects are central to my passion to help as many people as I possibly can, by sharing the utmost best ideas out there.

We can discuss various types of advertising or sponsorship, so simply drop me an email and talk to me.

Get in touch via [email protected]

If you have any questions or opportunities to work together, I would love to know.


Other Services Available

  • events are a thing I do also.

For any of the above services I provide, if you have in mind, what you would like, get in touch and email it over! You can also head over to the reviews section of my blog.