Take Back Precious Time With Your Family

  Exact Steps to Smash Your Money Goals

Introducing My New Budget Workbook - the Smash Your Budget Manual!

Smash your budget cute hearts manual comes with a comprehensive budgeting course!

Get Rid of Mom Guilt - Forever!

You know the thing - you get to the weekend and the kids are all chunnering at the same time.

Mom I want to go get ice-cream.

Mom can I get some new trainers?

Mom I need that new game - everyone's got it!

Sound familiar? 

Wouldn't it be great to be ready for these treats and have the cash set aside - in advance. 

My monthly paycheck budget planner and course helps you: 

  • create your own bespoke budget so you know where your money is going and feel in control.
  • set your savings and sinking fund goals, so you are ready for Christmas, birthdays, family treats, and even retirement.
  • create an emergency fund so unexpected expenses don't get you deeper in debt.
  • record your household spending so you successfully balance your budget throughout the month.
  • record your subscriptions, so you can always renew with a better deal. 
  • review and make notes on what you have learned on your journey. 

Get Your Manual Now

$15 PDF Printable

  • Comprehensive free online course.
  • Budget your income 
  • Track your debts 
  • Set and organise your savings goals
  • Make your monthly paycheck budget 
  • Comprehensive free online course
  •  Handy printable PDF.
  • 8.5 x 11" - 86 Pages in Full Colour 
  • Free heart design cash envelope. 
Smash your budget cute hearts manual comes with a comprehensive budgeting course!

Build  Confidence in You and Your Money Goals

Using Your Financial Workbook you will: 

  • Feel in control because you direct your money where to go.
  • Sleep like a baby because you have that unexpected payment covered.
  • Enjoy treating your family - you have treat money saved already.

Imagine Being Unafraid of Stuff Happening!

setting a budget can help you save for unforeseen emergencies like when my roof leaked.

Something happened to me recently that would have put me way into debt. It was just so unexpected. 

Yeh - the roof leaked. 

We had to move the bed, as it was dripping on my husband's foot! See the hole in the bedroom ceiling!

Saving for an emergency fund can be a great way to be prepared for roof leaks.

Try as we may to find a cheap solution, two roofers agreed that the roof needed to come off and be refelted! 



Five years ago this would have flattened my world.

How on earth would I pay for this? 

Then me and my husband would have reached for the credit card.

 Or applied for a loan. 

But I had committed to making a budget every month and building an emergency fund for unexpected things like this. 

I was ready. 

I was calm. 

It was a little frustrating because it wasn't easy to save but...

What over took me was a feeling of pride

Pride in the little actions I had taken, over time, every month. 

I had secured our future against dipping into debt again. 

I want you to feel this calm. Feel this pride in yourself.

Here is an inside look at my budget manual:

Life Tracker

Feel assured your loved ones will have the information they need about the household, should the unexpected happen. 

Thoughts, Dreams and Goals

Getting your ideal goals down on paper without anyone looking over your shoulder. What do you want to achieve? 

I introduce you to 'no-barriers' thinking. 

Subscription Tracker

Keep your yearly expenses low and switch up in time to a better deal. Feel that quiet relaxed feeling that you will never miss a subscription renewal again. 

Yearly Savings Goals

Feel confident never to have to rely on your credit card again. Set up to 6 targets and record your progress for each saving goal. 

Emergency Fund Tracker

See your progress towards peace of mind when the unexpected expenses happen.

Colour in the clouds to measure your progress to your bespoke goal.  

Debt Tracker

Feel satisfaction as you track your debt disappearing forever! Kiss goodbye to interest payments strangling your hard-earned cash!

Track up to 4 debts. 

Budget Planner

Be in total boss mode with your budget as you tell your money where it is going. 

Use this planner sheet to set, review  and improve your budget every month.

Bill Tracker Calendar

Track your expenses easily using the calendar budget sheet.

Paid more than monthly?

 Track your cash flow.

Never miss a one-off payment or paying for the kids' sports clubs again. 



Space to reflect on your progress, next steps and things to remember.

Expense Tracker

Keep within your key variable budgets by updating your expense trackers throughout the month. 

Benefits of Budgeting 

  • Feel Calmer About Money.Where it is going. Where it comes from and how you use it to the best effect.
  • Get Time Back With Loved Ones Organise your finances so you can have free time to spend time with your kids. Time relaxing, knowing you have money sorted. 
  • Make Your Life Better and Better Develop the confidence to reach for goals that will improve your life. Then make it happen! 

But You Don't Just Get the Manual

You will receive access to the comprehensive Smash Your Budget Online Course.

This will teach you everything you need to know to use the planner and much, much more.

From step by step instructions on how to make a budget, through to growing your income! 

This course is taught through video and text tutorials. 

What You Will Learn

Module 1 - Create Your Own Bespoke Budget 

 When you receive your budget planner, you will also receive full step-by-step lessons to: 

  • Formulate your first money goals 
  • Help you gather up and know where to find the information you need
  • Help you create your first monthly budget
  • Calculate what is leftover 
  • Help you use the budget calendar
  • Organise your subscriptions to anticipate renewals coming up. 

Module 2 - Create an Emergency Fund

 Full tutorials on: 

  • Why an emergency fund is really useful for balancing your budget
  • Calculating how much you can set aside each month
  • Using the emergency fund tracker - how and adapting it to your goals. 

Module 3 - Debt and Debt Tracking

 Have full access to lessons covering: 

  • Avalanche and snowball approaches to debt reduction. 
  • Calculating how much you can set aside each month to pay off your debt. 
  • How to pay off your overdraft quicker. 
  • Ways of avoiding going back into debt. 
  • Setting a debt free target. 
  • Using debt trackers to be accountable. 

Module 4 - Savings Goals and Sinking Funds

You will learn: 

  • The difference between savings and sinking funds. 
  • How to set realistic, achievable savings goals and sinking fund goals. 
  • Calculating how much you can set aside each month to save and use for sinking funds. 
  • How to use the savings trackers to be accountable. 

Module 5 - Hammer Down Your First Budget

You will learn how to : 

  • add emergency fund, sinking funds and a cushion to your budget.  
  • double-check your budget
  • options for cash envelope budgeting 

Module 6 - Budget Review 

You will learn how to : 

  • analyse your last month's budget. 
  • set realistic budget amounts based on last month's spending.  
  • set next steps and adapt to changes in your expenses. 

Module 6 - Side Hustling

You will learn: 

  • how side hustling can have major benefits for paying down debt and saving. 
  • what side hustles are profitable and easy to fit around your schedule. 
  • how to record side hustles. 
  • how to use the side hustle tracker printable. 
Helen Nuttall

Creator of Smash Your Budget Manual

About the Author

Hi, I'm Helen. I created this budget planner as a way of making myself accountable for what happened to my money.

I was tired of seeing my money disappear, with way too much month left. Also I really wanted to pay off all my debts and the big dream was to be mortgage free before 50.

Using my budgeting techniques, I have paid off all my consumer debts and I'm now focusing on paying off my mortgage early.

There's no big secret to budgeting - it's just consistency. Also having fun along the way and treating yourself.

This is why my budget manuals have to be cute and colourful - so I really enjoy the process of budgeting! 

I hope you enjoy using my planner as much as I do! 

Helen xx 

Change Your Financial Story Today!

With the

 Smash Your Budget Manual

Designed for you to be successful regardless of your income.

If I can do it on a modest salary, then you can get out debt, save more and balance your budget too!

Imagine being able to: save for Christmas in advance; access funds that already saved, if the car broke properly and take the kids for that treat you've been promising them.

Or even treat yourself to that fab pair of shoes you've seen that would look great with your red dress!

  1. 1
    Learn how to manage your finances at your own pace. Progress as fast as you like through the online course. 
  2. 2
    Pay down your debt. Give yourself an unofficial pay rise. Reducing debt = reducing interest paid out.
  3. 3
    Be in control of your spending. Treat yourself to what you really want, while still achieving a balanced budget and your financial goals. 

They say!

Ashleigh, Fife

I love my budget planner. It's amazing - with so many pages to help you keep on top of your money. 

The design is great, with plenty of room to write everything down.

It even has space to write usernames and passwords for household policies, which is really  handy. 

I thought I was pretty good with money till I started writing down everything I was spending and I realised we spend more than I thought. It's an eye opener!

This is going to help me save for a new car.

100% recommended!

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