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Slaying My Eczema Daily – 5 Products I Use

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Slaying my eczema has been a lifelong mission. All my life, I have had it, in various forms, at various points of my life. This list of my recommendations is by no means going to always work for everyone else. Everyone is different right? But I hope this could give you some ideas on different things to try, or maybe some hope.

This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, but rest assured, I only promote products I believe in and trust.

Managing my eczema everyday 5 products I use

Managing my eczema | 5 products I use everyday

Just to put things into to context, as I was starting up my blog, my eczema flared up again. Usually, it only occurs on my hands and I have accepted that I will always need to be careful when washing my hands anywhere other than home.

Eczema and budgeting

I am finding that eczema demands me to sometimes comprise on being frugal. Some of the products listed below are priced way above what I would ideally like to pay. But, on the other hand, in the past, I have had to buy the correct product for me (which is usually more expensive) because I have tried the cheaper alternative first. So it was false economy really. What have your experiences been?

This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission if you use those links. I only recommend brands I use, love and trust.


Slaying my eczema – Product number 1

Clinique All About Eyes Rich

Amazon average price £27 approx – I recommend buying from here – it is significantly cheaper than a lot of retailers. Other options include Superdrug.

The cream seemed to calm down the irritated eye area very quickly. It was noticeable after a patient two or three minutes, trying desperately not to touch my eyes, that my eye area was much more comfortable.

I have also figured out that, for me, I need to limit the amount my eye skin is exposed to sweat, dust and anything that covers the skin.


How I use it

I washed my eye skin with a cotton flannel, I changed twice a day. This I did every time the skin started to itch, which thankfully, was usually first thing in the morning and after work. I used medium hot water without soap.
I applied a tiny amount of the cream, anywhere the skin was red but not broken. My skin, when it is affected by eczema, becomes thick and scaly. I noticed gradually that the eye skin became more flexible after repeating the application of this cream.

To give the cream the best chance of success, I eliminated other potential irritants also, for approximately four weeks. This included not using conditioner on my hair, as in the past this has irritated my skin. I covered my pillow with an extra pillowcase, just in case my cat sat on the bed. Her fur can exacerbate my skin itching if it is already inflamed.

Slaying My Eczema – Product number 2

Caviar Leave-in Conditioner  £10.95 + £2.95 p+p = £13.90

My skin is never happy when it feels like it can’t breathe. Examples this include: when I wear rubber gloves or when I wear a fabric such as nylon. If my skin can’t breathe, the sweat soon builds up and causes irritation. I have realised over a few years that if I use hair conditioner, this has a similar film effect. The conditioner leaves an invisible film on my skin. Eczema develops on my back, where I have rinsed the conditioner off and also on my face because of the same reason.

Initially I tried Caviar Moisture Milk Leave-in Conditioner, with much success. I could apply this after getting dressed, so it limited the amount of skin the product could affect. It wasn’t sticky and didn’t seem to irritate my eye skin.  An average application for short hair was 3-4 squirts and for long hair up to 7 squirts. Even though it was expensive, I didn’t need a lot to condition my hair sufficiently. The other upside is that is 100% free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic colour, so again gave my eczema a chance!

The product also made hair drying and straightening easier. It functions as a heat protection spray. It was my go-to product for being able to condition my hair without irritating my eczema again.

The cheapest deal I have found online is through, which is the deal quoted above. It is roughly half of what other retailers are charging. This is not an affiliate link – it is just really good value for a product that can be potentially overly expensive.

An average bottle was lasting me two years ( it has a shelf life of 24 months). This made the huge price tag a little easier to swallow, but over time my budgeting instincts kicked in. So here’s my latest recommendation…

Slaying my eczema – Product number 3

Kind Natured Shampoo and Conditioner


This fantastic shampoo and conditioner is available from Kind Natured’s website, Amazon or Boots. Either Kind Natured or Boots are best value for money. It doesn’t contain harsh chemical such as parabens and sulphates. These have been suggested by experts ( I am NOT one) to potentially irritate ezcema-prone skin. Kind Natured products are proud to claim that products are 97% free of these chemicals.

When I felt ready to try products again (when my eye skin was better) I tried the conditioner multiple times, without any irritation to the skin on my face or my back. Win! Ok, so I have to trade the higher price than some conditioners, but I’m happy to do that if my skin is comfortable and itch free again. Considering other products on the market, they aren’t too pricey.

A bonus of these products also is that they have a lovely scent. I can use as much conditioner as I feel necessary at the time, without worrying that my skin will react.

Buy Kind Natured Shampoo 

Buy Kind Natured Conditioner

What hair products have you found, that help keep eczema at bay?

Slaying My Eczema – Product number 4

Carex Handsoap – Antibacterial


For slaying my hand eczema, I use Carex handsoap. I can use the antibacterial soap as many times as I like and I won’t suffer any irritation. I often take it with me when me and Mr. Budget go on holiday, as hotel soaps can often not be sensitive enough. I’m pleased to say though, this is changing. More and more places are beginning to supply soaps that are free of unnecessary chemicals!

All good supermarkets in the UK and Bodycare stock this for anything from 90p. So cheap for such a sensitive product that I can use time and time again.

Through Amazon, after you have bought your first container, you can get 1 litre refills that cut down on plastic and are really cheap!

Buy Carex 1 litre refills

Slaying My Eczema – Product number 5

Aloe Lanzarote Pure Aloe Vera Gel 250ml


Slaying my eczema is easy with this product. I can’t actually live without it (dramatic as it seems!)

Hand eczema and the irritation on my legs and arms respond amazingly to this. I have used this around cracked finger joints successfully. The cracks heal quicker, with the gel making the skin around them more flexible.

I first bought this when on holiday in Lanzarote and have not been without it since. It has no scent and is a clear gel, which I use sparingly,so each bottle lasts me around 9 months. For my hands, I only need to use a pea-sized amount. Just make sure you keep it in the fridge. Aloe Lanzarote recommend this, to extend the gel’s shelf life.

You can pick it up online from Aloe Lanzarote itself. Spend €49.95  and receive free postage to UK.

Buy Aloe Lanzarote Pure Gel now through Amazon through my affiliate link. Remember  – I never recommend anything that I don’t trust or doesn’t work.


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