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Review: The Side Hustle Starter Kit by Nicole Butler

Are you looking to develop a side hustle and earn extra money in your spare time? Read my recommended Workbook that will help you achieve your goals!

Are you thinking about starting up your own side hustle?

Probably, like me, you are super excited to be on this journey, but have loads of questions.


How do I think of viable ideas for my side income?

How do I fit my new money-making thang around my family?

How do I register my business?

How do I start a website or blog?

How do I really connect with my audience and who are my audience?

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The list could go on and on…Well no need to feel the overwhelm anymore.

I’m so excited to bring this to you today. I have already started my journey to a profitable side hustle with this Work book I have bought.

It’s called The Side Hustle Starter Kit created by Nicole Butler. Nicole has successfully set up and managed many side hustles, so I was especially keen to learn from her.


Get this though – she has also sold 2 side hustles for PROFIT!

From My Point of View

It’s giving me renewed drive to get this part of my plan sorted. See at the moment, I am at the part of my financial plan, where I have paid off the majority of my debt off, and now I want to build a side income, to supplement my main income – the ultimate goal is to pay off the house mortgage 10 years early.

I’ve already dug deep into this workbook and it gives you a really easy no-nonsense framework for every part of the process.

In this Workbook, you will learn how to:

  • launch a side hustle business
  • consider who your audience is and what they need
  • clearly brand your new side income
  • set up your business correctly from the start
  • set up your online presence
  • market your new business
  • promote your business
  • be awesomely productive

The Workbook includes a business launch plan, branding/marketing plan, pricing guide, expense tracker, tips on acquiring your first customer, and much more!

Let’s dig into the chapters further. 

Launch a side hustle business

Nicole insists you record your planned time allowance, pay for yourself, services you will provide and to who and a quick outline as to where you are going to publicise your new way of making extra money. The printables are so, so cute!

As part of the launch, she asks you research and analyse your 3 main competitors and what they do in terms of strengths, weaknesses, products. This really helped me understand in greater depth what I was planning. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to ideas for side hustles, I am an ocean of ideas, but then do I ever get it down and organise it on paper? Nooo!!

Here’s a snapshot of the page I am using to organise my launch.

Are you looking to develop a side hustle and earn extra money in your spare time? Read my recommended Workbook that will help you achieve your goals

Launch A Side Hustle Free Planner Sheet











Consider who your audience is that you are targeting for your new side hustle and what they need

Nicole firmly believes that a highly successful side business needs a laser sharp, focused marketing strategy. I kinda could’ve told you this, but where to start? I was absolutely clueless! The brilliant thing about this ebook is that she gives you short tasks to do, so your head doesn’t get full of overwhelm.

Here’s part of the task for identifying your audience – how easy to follow is this!


Are you looking to develop a side hustle and earn extra money in your spare time? Read my recommended Workbook that will help you achieve your goals

Marketing Plan for Side Hustle















Clearly brand your new side income

This section I think, when I work through it – when it’s time – will be the most useful! It makes a truly mysterious scary thing seem manageable.

Nicole explains how to register your business, although this could section I feel could have been extended to be useful for people in more than just the US. I live in the UK, and would still have to research it.

She then gives you a list of things that need to be branded from the start. This will keep me motivated because I have a handy list I can tick off when I have completed one task.

Set up your online presence

In this section, she insists you set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time measurable) for promoting your business on social media. I love how she is so encouraging in this section. It felt like I was actually being coached.

Set up your business correctly from the start

Side hustles, as a formal business idea is something new to me, so I was overwhelmed with the idea of trying to figure out how to calculate sooo many expenses and keep organised.

What if I left something out?

What counts as an expense? 

How do I calculate a decent amount of profit? 

This section is pretty impressive, as it gives you tied and tested calculations for pricing products and services. Phew – I feel so much more relaxed now, knowing that I will have control from the beginning and I won’t have to trawl through the internet, trying to figure out what to do from millions of pieces of advice about starting your own side income, that is out there!

The Side Hustle Starter Kit  sells for  $27.00, but for just a few more days, you can get this WITH a whole bunch of other cool, super useful products, books etc for just $37!

Read more about how you can purchase this amazing eBook with a bundle of amazing money resources!


Over to you..

Have you read any inspirational books, Workbooks or eBooks that we all could learn from and improve our lives? If so drop a comment and share with everyone, which book and why it has been so useful.

Do me a favour please, if you have purchased this Workbook and find it useful, please share your experience below by commenting so that other people can learn too.







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