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I am excited to bring you my very own list of best resources. These are resources that I use or have personally tried and tested myself and highly recommend.

Every resource that I recommend has made a difference in my life and improved it for the better. So I wanted to share these with you.

There are some affiliate links below. If you buy, there may be a contribution to to help it stay free to use. This does not affect my honesty or choice of these products. There is no extra cost to you.

I am sharing them because I genuinely believe they will be helpful to you. Enjoy and let me know what your experiences are!

Making Money and Extra Income Resources

Best income building resources from Budgeting is a Challenge

Filthy Rich Writer Copywriting Course

Copywriting is basically writing for anything that you want to sell. So persuading people with words. I wanted to make the leap out of teaching, with skills that I could bring to help many businesses. Blog income is great but I felt I needed to ensure I had multiple income streams. Now I love being a freelance copywriter! Follow my story here via my review.

Fancy dipping your toe into copywriting?

Take the free training

Fired Up Freelance – Scale your freelance income the easy way

Already a freelancer but need to scale your income and win more quality, high-paying clients? This is a superb program designed to teach you how to avoid the classic freelance pitfalls and earn more. A freelancing framework from Filthy Rich Writer. Read my review on how this has been super useful to learn from so far!

Try out the free freelance training

WP Rockstar

This course is made by women for mostly women (and some men too!) I wanted to be able to customize Budgeting is a Challenge and my niche sites.

Also my clients were sometimes needing help with WordPress that was just a bit beyond my skills. Step in WP Rockstar course. This course shows you everything you need to know about WordPress, how to code and edit sites.

Julia makes it so easy to learn how to code, so now I can fix things for me and my clients (annoy Bigscoots less!!) and I can customize and even build sites.

Fancy yourself as a WordPress developer? It’s a brilliant course and has given me so much confidence.

Check out the free WordPress tutorial.

My favorite blog and SEO tools

These tools and courses have led to me making a highly profitable income from my blog. See my blog income reports below.

Stupid Simple SEO

Get a real SEO strategy in place to grow your traffic (without relying on Pinterest) This has been an absolute game-changer for me! Read how I have made $30,000 so far from the strategies taught in this course.

Read my review of Stupid Simple SEO

Bigscoots Hosting

I haven’t a bad word to say about Bigscoots – they help me every time I break my blog – haha! It’s fixed within 5 minutes, and everything I need help with – well there’s always someone available to help.

Read my review of Bigscoots

I went for the managed WordPress hosting which is so much faster than Bluehost, or Garbett hosting, that I used in the past. It’s well worth the higher price tag to know that my blog and other sites are safe, fast, and have minimal downtime.

Find out more about Bigscoots

Keysearch SEO tool

Keysearch is my favorite SEO tool, for finding great keywords my blog can rank for.

It is so easy to use whether you are a beginner or an experienced blogger. You can research for the best keywords, and analyze who your competitors are and what they are using. I can’t be without it now!

I have also used it and had a lot of success using it for client blogs too – so well worth the small monthly fee.

Find out more about Keysearch

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email sender. It is more on the expensive side, but unlike some mail senders like Mailerlite, you can segment your email list so no-one reads emails they don’t want. This is a big win – I can’t wait to implement the copywriting training I have been doing when writing emails to my subscribers!

Find out more about Constant Contact

Save money resources from Budgeting is a Challenge. Woman holding dollar notes.

Best Money Saving Resources


Are you looking to get FREE cashback on your online purchases? Sign up with quidco and start making money back today!

Quidco is a brilliant cashback site. You can earn cash back on purchases you would normally make online or in-store. It is FREE to join and the website and app are easy to use.

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Top Cashback is generally the highest paying cashback site in the UK. You get cashback on purchases that you make online or in-store. It’s also FREE to join and super easy to navigate the site. 

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Investing Books

Simon Oates over at Financial has put together an ultimate list of investing books.  Perfect for beginners like me! Thanks Simon!