Niche site academy review - an insider's view

Niche Site Academy Course Review: An Insider’s Opinion

Make Money Working Online – Create a Niche Site!

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If I am creating a niche website successfully, then so can you!

My main job is so demanding and I want more quality of life, so I made the decision to diversify my income.

 The end goal – to work from home and create different streams of income. Especially passive income!

I did a lot of research and along with developing my blog and freelance copywriting income, I decided to be one of the first ever students to enroll in Mike Pearson’s Niche Academy course. 

Niche site academy is the step by step way of setting up your won money making niche site

This post is designed to help you avoid the masses of information overload. 

It will give my opinion of the Niche Site Academy, the online niche building course from Mike Pearson, over at Stupid Simple SEO. 

   Not got time?

Main Points 

☑️Doing niche research first ensures your site is profitable. 

☑️Niche Site Academy (Mike Pearson’s course) is the best online niche site course.   (in my humble opinion)

☑️The course will pay itself back many times in passive income!

         Dip your toe in! Watch this free training and see for yourself!

Niche Site Academy is now officially open until Friday 27th May 2022.

If you decide to purchase the course through my affiliate link, you will get a FREE coaching session with me to answer as many questions as you can fit into 30 mins (value $250)

Details will be available on how to contact me and schedule this in when you purchase. (I recommend leaving it until a couple of months into the course, then you can take full advantage of the session)

First thoughts 

In the past few months, I am glad to say I have had a great deal of success building an income from my blog. It is getting to the point where it will replace my main job income. 

My copywriting income and client base is steadily growing also, meaning I am soo excited about life. 

To ensure that my new income is truly sustainable I still need to create other streams, so that I always have income coming in. (I am the main wage earner in our household, so I need to get this right before leaving my day job). 

 A niche site would be another source of income that I could build over time. After a couple of years, it will start to generate another passive income stream for me. 

What is a niche site?

A niche site is a site that focuses on a small area or topic and gives expert reviews on that topic. So you can really rank in Google’s eyes highly and get more traffic to your site. 

 The main focus of a niche site is to make money through affiliate marketing.

 This will be in the form of product, course or service recommendations in return for a small commission of each sale.

You can also make money from ad revenue. 

My experiences so far 

I am now in the third month of developing my niche website. During lockdown, I had more time to set it up and start writing content. 

I’ve learned it’s best to try to pace yourself. Personally, I could speed through the site set up part. I already have quite a bit of site-building experience. 

The great thing is though, that Mike takes even beginners through how to achieve the correct setup for a niche website. You can be assured that you are setting it up correctly from the beginning. You won’t have to go back and unpick what you have done at a later date! Big win! 

Throughout this time, I have been so well supported by the Niche Site Academy facebook group. Mike and his SEO assistant Mark are so helpful. They answer queries we have really quickly, so I always feel like I’m on track.

So far I have thoroughly researched and decided on my niche based on cold hard data. It feels better to have researched first and be confident I will get traffic and make money eventually.

 With this blog, I have been so lucky because before I focused in on SEO with Stupid Simple SEO, I really was shooting around in the dark. I wasn’t sure originally if I would ever make money. I didn’t have a plan. 

Now, with my new niche site I have a clear two year plan and content calendar

Progress of my niche site

May 2022

Wow – what a few months we’ve had – my niche site is now making on average $100 a month!

I’m not gonna sugar coat this – it’s not easy building a niche site. Not every month will bring you the income you predict. Take a look at our income summaries below.

What is brilliant is how it is building over time. I am also told that the percentage of returns is normal too, and not to sweat that too much! 🤣

Passive income from Amazon
Passive income from Amazon of our niche site Dec21-Feb22
progress of our niche site after taking niche site academy
Passive income we earn from Amazon after we took the niche site academy course

Our plan of action is to consistently produce epic content month on month, to quadruple this by summer. Just now is quiet season we think, so we are building out content, ready to rank for summer!

Progress 09.05.21

I’m up to 18 posts on my site, as I decided to let it marinade in Google for a bit – and guess what! 

It made it’s first $8 this month!! Yay! 

Traffic is building – on average I’m seeing 10 sessions a day now. Which is smashing April’s full total of sessions for the month!

Now the plan is to optimize the posts I have, as my writer creates some how-to guides for the site. 

Google analytics screen Sessions bike site April 2021.

Sessions April = the Sessions I’ve already had in May! 

Google analytics screen Sessions bike site May 2021.

Progress 03.10.20

Up to now,  I have created 14 affiliate posts, mainly recommending products from Amazon. I know it will take time for a website with a low domain rating to be seen in Google searches. 

Even more exciting is that I have a superb expert writer on board also. His content is so thorough and will establish my site as an authority in the niche. 

In the course,  Mike takes you through the process of hiring a writer and how to figure out which writer fits your site. I can’t believe I’ve had the confidence to go out and get all this done!

Underneath here, you will see examples of other questions I was asking myself, so you can get a feel for what’s involved with creating a niche site; whether you would and more information on the course and whether it is a fit for you. 

If you have any questions, as always email me over at [email protected]

Who is Niche Site Academy for? 

The Niche Site Academy course is for anyone who wants to build a niche website from scratch. 

  • You could be an absolute newbie and have an idea for a niche. This course is perfect because it will inform you as to whether the niche is profitable or not. If it isn’t you will be able to pick from other choices and build a truly profitable site from the beginning. 
  • If you are looking to build another website, and you are not a complete newbie. You want to drill down on making multiple streams of passive income. 

Who is Niche Site Academy not for? 

Niche Site Academy is not for you, if you are a blogger, and you are wanting to learn more about SEO. In this case, go over to look at Stupid Simple SEO. Also by Mike Pearson, this would be a better fit for you. 

Is Niche Site Academy a legit training course? 

The best SEO course online. Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson

Niche Site Academy is very much a legit training course teaching how to set a niche site up correctly from the get-go.

Tap Mike Pearson google into any search engine and you will find information about his success. 

It’s main instructor, Mike Pearson, is a very successful blogger. He has even set up a training website, that showed us, over the course of 18 months, how he built a niche website. 

He regularly shows his Facebook group his income reports and is now earning over $5000 a month from this site alone. His site is below:

Not only that, he also runs several blogs including a highly successful home and garden blog, that makes far more. He’s made over $200,000 on the Amazon Associate’s Program so far. He prefers to keep the name of this one private, but regularly shares his stats for this site too!

He also sold a blog recently for  6 figures!

Does Niche Site Academy actually work? 

Yes it does. Niche Site Academy online course was created by Mike, as a result of all the strategies he used to create his own 5 and 6 figure niche sites. He teaches by using real, successful examples and shares his steps to success for building a profitable niche site. 

What you will learn

This course consists of: 

  •  55+ lessons
  • 11+ hours of video on the following topics
  • a private Facebook group

You will learn: 

  • start and grow a money-making niche site from scratch
  • how to set up a niche site that could make between 4/5 figures a month (without using Pinterest, an email list or a product of your own). 
  • how to do keyword research for articles that will make money
  • how to create epic content and balance the different types of content on your site. 
  • how to use SEO to build your affiliate sales
  • how to build backlinks to your niche site 
  • how to outsource content writing

Benefits for You

After going through Niche Site Academy, you’ll have:

  • hammered down your perfect niche, or confirmed your original niche idea.
  • created a professional looking site fast
  • a list of profitable keywords that will rank
  • created a content strategy to publish epic posts consistently. 
  • knowledge of how to scale and how to build backlinks
  • knowledge of an easy way to outsource content. 

The Full Niche Site Academy Curriculum 2020

Module 1: 

  • Learn about how Mike achieved five-figure income without even opening an account on Pinterest. The great thing is that he always teaches by real successful examples. 
  • Join the Facebook community – it is a brilliant source of support. 
Module one Niche Site Academy

Module 2: The Niche Site Framework

  • This module is ultra-useful for understanding the key principles behind Niche sites. 
  • Mike encourages you to think in a business-like way from the start. 

Module 2: The Niche Site Framework

  • This module is ultra-useful for understanding the key principles behind Niche sites. 
  • Mike encourages you to think in a business-like way from the start. 
Mike shows you how to find a niche or clarify that your niche idea is actually going to make money. Niche site academy review

Module 3 : How to Find a Niche: Initial Research 

  • This is the largest module and is based around key word research. Maybe you have your initial niche idea, or maybe you don’t know what could be a profitable niche for your niche site? Mike guides you through step by step, so your niche ideas are informed by hard data. Find niche ideas using this step-by-step beginner’s guide. 
  • Mike uses Ahrefs, which will cost you $7 for an initial trial account. You may need two weeks of this, depending on how much time you have spare to complete the research. 
Niche Site Academy from Stupid Simple SEO - module 4 helps you narrow down your niche ideas list.


Module 4 : How to Find a Niche: Narrowing Down Your List 

  • Mike guides you through how to get rid of niches that are: not as profitable, and are probably best to stay away from as they require experts to write about them. 
  • He helps you evaluate your list of competitors for each niche idea, and finally from this information, you then choose your niche. 
  • It was a fascinating process – to be truly business-like and focused on the commercial side from the beginning was satisfying.

 I chose a niche based on hard figures, and my first 25 commercial keywords.  I am now really confident from the get-go that my niche site will be a money-making success!

When I started my blog, I was a beginner with no real focus. My keyword strategy involved just writing about whatever I fancied at the time! 

Niche Site Academy Module 5 - How to Set up your Niche Site


Module 5 : How to Set Up Your Niche Site

  • A total newbie? No worries – Mike’s got you covered. 
  • He helps you evaluate your list of competitors for each niche idea, and finally from this information, you then choose your niche. 
  • It was a fascinating process – to be truly business-like and focused on the commercial side from the beginning was satisfying.

 I chose a niche based on hard figures and I am now really confident from the get-go that my niche site will be a money-making success!

When I started my blog, I was a beginner with no real focus. My keyword strategy involved just writing about whatever I fancied at the time! 

Niche site academy setting up your site structure


Module 6 : Setting Up Your Site Structure

  • Cut out hours of trying to figure out the basics of site structure. 
  • Mick gives you a no-fluff set of lessons that help you achieve this in a materr of hours. 
  • Although he doesn’t claim to be a legal expert, he goes through the absolute essentials of making sure you have followed the basic legal standards that any affiliate marketing site will expect from you. 
Niche Site Academy Module 7 - Keyword research


Module 7 : Keyword Research

  • Having been through Mike’s other course for bloggers, Stupid Simple SEO, I know the amazing value of doing keyword research. This is one of the most important sections of the course.  
  • For my blog, keyword research has led to an upsurge in traffic of 3000% and now my blog makes approx $2000 a month.
  • Mike helps you find different types of keywords, so your site is a great balance between articles that sell products and articles that give informational content. This positions you more as an expert in Google’s eyes.
  • By the end of this module, you feel super-relaxed because you have in front of you, your keywords for your first 25 pieces of content. No stress, no agonizing over ideas for content – it’s done and nailed! 
Niche Academy Module 8 Creating Content


Module 8 : Creating Content

  • Who’d have thought creating niche content was so easy. 
  • Mike gives you an example post and also teaches via examples of his own live niche site.
  • Personally I dived into to the Review article section first, because I knew I needed to write 25 articles about this. Anything more would have blown my mind. However, the great thing it, that the module is there to pick up, when I am at that stage, where I am creating How to Articles. 
  • Mike also describes a plugin he uses to create product boxes called AAWP. Personally I opted for a plugin called Lasso, as I feel it looks prettier and the Wirecutter uses it.  

Here is an example of a product box, using Lasso, taken from my niche site. The red dotted lines don’t appear on anyone else’s screen – these are as a result of a link extension I have enabled on Chrome! 

lasso has really enabled my product recommendations to stand out and encourage clik throughs via my niche site
Niche Academy Module 9 - Niche Site Link Building


Module 9 : Niche Site Link Building 

  • Link building is so important alongside epic content, as it positions you higher up the Google rankings. This in turn, makes it more possible that you will make page 1 and make more money.
  • Mike always has a really easy to follow system that anyone can follow. 
  • Research, as he always says, is key to link building. 
  • Build links for your site in a non-spammy way that is in line with Google policies. 

What extras are included?

Niche Site Academy Bonus - Scaling Your Niche Site and Outsourcing


Bonus : Scaling and Outsourcing Content 

  • Mike advocates scaling your niche site by outsourcing as quickly as you are able to do. This means hiring skilled freelance writers in your niche, that will create epic content for you. 
  • He shares his process and tools, including where to find these writers, and the whole interview process from start to finish. 

I found this particularly useful, when I hired the writer for my site. It gave me the confidence to go through the process and know what I was looking for. As a result I have hired a fantastic writer and my site is taking shape quickly.

Not in the position to do this?

Mike includes this module to show you what you can start to do once you have spare cash. There is no pressure to hire a writer. I was just lucky enough that I had earnings from my blog every month, so I went for it. 

Other Bonuses: 

Access to a Private Facebook Community:

Get 24/7 access to a community FULL of current students and alumni who are growing their own highly-successful niche sites with SEO and outreach strategy. Ask our most successful members and the resident SEO guy Mark ANYTHING about scaling their niche site income and traffic.

How Much Does Niche Site Academy Cost?

The course offers two payment methods. 

  • A one-time payment of $297
  • 3 payments @ $117 on a payment plan. 

Does the course explain how to build a niche site?

Short answer is yes! Mike has created super supportive videos, that guide you through the initial setup of your site. It’s so simple to do when you have him talking you through how to create your niche website. He also shows you niche website examples so you can get an idea of how you want yours to look. 

How does a small niche website become profitable? 

Niche websites can make money through affiliate marketing. So any recommendations of products you make on your site can be monetized. You will make a small commission on the product you recommend, at no extra cost to the buyer. When your site is receiving more web traffic, you can opt to become a partner with an advertiser such as Mediavine or Adthrive. 

Are niche sites still profitable? 

Yes, they can make anything on average from $50 to $500 a month. Some way more and some baby, new niche sites like mine – way less for a time. You need to make the niche site genuinely useful for your audience. That way Google will reward you with higher rankings and then more traffic. 

Product reviews need to be in-depth and genuine to enable your niche site to make money. 

My recommendations and conclusions

This is a fab course for setting up a niche website. If you are wanting to scale your passive income, this is the way to do it in a systematic, easy way, over time.

Benefits of Passive Income from a niche site :

  • You can work less because you are earning 24 hours a day. 
  • The possibilities for earning commission on the products you recommend is limitless. 
  • You can build a better lifestyle and security for you and your family over time. 

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