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Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Darwen – Our Saturday Treat

Chicken wings at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Darwen Lancashire

Man Lee Darwen – the perfect choice for a couple on a budget. Me and Mr Budget decided that, with the house renovations, that we needed  a treat on Saturday night. We were absolutely wiped out, not being used to physical work!

This is a time where money seems to be flying out of our account in all directions. I’m sure you are all the same. Our rental house became vacant at the end of June. This means that saving money is so important to us right now.

We have been a champion of this restaurant for as long as we have lived in Darwen, so here are 5 reasons why you should dine at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Darwen. (Let me just say that we are not in any way affiliated or paid by Man Lee. This is a purely independent view).

Dine at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Reason 1

The menu is so varied. On Saturday Mr Budget ordered the chilli chicken I had had previously, because it was so good. Comparible also with the Mini Yang Sing’s version (Manchester) or Cathay Dimsun (Trafford Centre, Manchester) but at a fraction of the price. Truly excellent value for money.

I enjoyed this dish so much that I plumped for the chilli dish, but with mixed meat.  The prawns were to die for – beautifully cooked and very fresh.


Dine at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Reason 2

The menu is such good quality and not uneccessarily fried (unless you want this!). For starters we ordered our usual, which we can highly recommend – salt and pepper chilli wings. A word of caution – they come out incredibly hot, but again are superb, and cooked to the highest quality. Mr Budget has travelled to many countries in his youth, and is stumped to think of better chicken wings worldwide.


Dine at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Reason 3

The meal was so inexpensive – providing us good value, as you can see from the receipt. They price keenly, which meant that then we were able to afford a couple of drinks afterwards in town (but that’s another story). The wine is good, red and white.

Man Lee receipt showing good value Chinese meal

Man Lee Chinese Darwen restaurant bill showing great value for money

Dine at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Reason 4

People – Mandy the owner is superb and very friendly. She always reminds us of a female Basil Fawlty, in the most lovable well-meaning way, especially when the restaurant is busy and she is zipping around at pace. We go in part because she is such a brilliant, quirky host, who seems to survive the evening by saying outloud everything she needs to do to make our experience special.

(I can identify with this – I tend to do this when concentrating on anything that requires me not to be clumsy!) We love you Mandy.

Child friendly – Man Lee Restaurant has always been welcoming towards children. It has been nice to observe the staff accommodating their needs and really listening to children.

People watching – in here we have come to be regarded as adopted locals, but also have been able to observe many sections of Darwen society. Here people are genuine and will say what they think – which makes for much hilarity, but also we have met and talked to some great people.

One vision I have of one couple went like this. While waiting for their main course, an old lady promptly got out her novel and read a few chapters. Her husband, meanwhile, quietly sipped his wine, and read the paper, as if this was a normal thing for them to do. Fantastic!

Dine at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Reason 5

Decor – we love that Man Lee hasn’t changed its traditional Chinese restaurant decor. It could possibly appear to some new visitors as outdated. Don’t let this impression stop you sitting down. The restaurant is superbly clean and you will come to associate the decor with the honest food that they serve. Mr Budget and I were talking about this and came to the conclusion, that the best Chinese restaurants we have been in are like this.

Chicken wings at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Darwen Lancashire

Chicken wings at Man Lee Chinese Restaurant Darwen Lancashire

One example that we are gutted closed, was the Happy Village in Chorley. It was an institution while it was there!

So there you go – try something new – it will definitely surprise you.


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