Interview with Ana Savuica : How to Make Blogging Your Career (An Insight)

Interview with Ana Savuica : How to Make Blogging Your Career (An Insight)

In my sixth month of blogging, I am constantly asking questions on how I can improve and what is it that is the key to successful blogging. This curiosity has led me to really analyse and set myself goals to improve. But this will need to be informed by people who are truly seen as industry experts. Within education, I have always passionately believed that the quickest way to improve your skills, is to seek advice, action it and test it over time.

Here are the questions I am continually trying to find the answers to at the moment:

How do I increase my blog traffic?

What is affiliate marketing and how do I use to monetise my blog?

How does a professional blogger structure their time to produce optimum results?

So here is the first in the series of interviews with inspirational blogging experts. I am so proud to introduce Ana Savuica from The She Approach.

Not only did she take the time to answer my questions, Ana has been a source of inspiration for me over the last few months. She is an entrepeneur, social media guru, blog growth strategist and coach. Ana specialises in helping women grow their blogs and achieve their dreams.  Her topics are really useful for bloggers at any stage of development.

You can find her on Instagram , Facebook , Pinterest , Twitter  and read her newest content on her blog.

Topics she covers range from: starting a blog; using social media platforms; affiliate marketing to growing your blog traffic. Her website contains a goldmine of free advice and she is also available for coaching on all aspects of blogging.

Here are examples of her content I have found to be particularly useful so far:

How to produce stunning graphics , why your pins aren’t getting saves and how to fix it and grow your blog traffic with Tailwind Tribes. Ana is never afraid to share what she knows in a simple-to-understand format and her blog posts have been really useful in teaching me things that felt so overwhelming for me initially.

In this interview, she gives us an insight into a few of her secrets and her words of inspiration to us as fellow bloggers.

The Interview 

Hi Ana, so how long have you been blogging for? 

I’ve started my blog in September 2016 and have recently celebrated my 2 years blog anniversary.

Why did you start blogging? 

I initially started my blog at the recommendation of one of my Media professors at university. I knew it was a great way to create an online portfolio to showcase my skills and improve my English (since I am not a native speaker) in order to secure placements and eventually a job.
Since then, this project grew legs of its own and now I’m pursuing blogging as a career.

Define your blogging mission in less than 10 words. 

Helping other bloggers increase their traffic and income.

Ana The She Approach

Ana The She Approach

What is your greatest blogging achievement so far? Explain why.

One of my biggest achievements is to bring my readers results. So whenever somebody reaches out telling me they made their first affiliate sale or doubled their blog traffic because of the things they learned from my blog posts, ebooks or coaching sessions, I light up!
But because that’s a bit cheesy, I would say that a huge accomplishment for me was also speaking at a blogger’s event in London this summer and co-hosting a workshop in collaboration with Google and their Digital Garage in my town a year ago.

Describe your typical day as a professional blogger. 

A usual day in my life involves a lot of sitting down in front of the computer, coming up with new ideas, creating content (either for my blog, email list or exclusive products), following up with my social media strategy and entertaining my dog.
Honestly, I don’t have a “typical” day or schedule, as blogging allows me the flexibility to prioritize, make my own schedule and even take half of the day off if I feel the need. My best attempts at keeping my work organized, usually involve having themed days (so for example, Monday is content creation, Tuesday is social media and so on).

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Interview with Ana Savuica : How to Make Blogging Your Career (An Insight)

Interview with Ana Savuica : How to Make Blogging Your Career (An Insight)

Tell me more about your Affiliate Marketing Training bundle. What makes it stand out as a must-have tool for bloggers to earn income from their blogs? 

After my affiliate strategy started paying off, and I started seeing regular income from my affiliates sales come in each month, I began to receive a lot of questions about how I do it.
I also realized that there isn’t a resource of there for bloggers that are just beginning to use affiliate marketing that includes all the resources they need. So I came up with the Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle.
What makes this bundle unique is the fact that it contains everything you need to wrap your head around affiliate marketing and make your first $1,000 in affiliate sales, including: video tutorials on how to use the most popular affiliate dashboards; a list of over 500 affiliate programs in 15+ niches to help you pick the best products and companies to promote; case studies on how I did (step-by-step) even with a small audience and access to a private Facebook community.

If you were to inspire women everywhere to start a blog, what would your words of inspiration be?

I know that putting yourself out there is scary. But it’s so worth it!

My blog has literally changed my life. It has given me a sense of purpose, an outlet for my creativity and quirks, a community of go-getters that inspire me each day – and the income I make from it is only a plus to all of this!
So if you want to start a blog or online business, there has never been a better time!

There you have it – the truly inspirational Ana from The She Approach. Are you as fired up about what strategies to action next as I am after reading this? Are you as motivated to put your toes into the water of affiliate marketing to monetise your blog?

Be sure to check out Ana’s blog ( I especially love her post about how to get your first affiliate sale with Pinterest) and leave any questions you may have for her in the comments section!

And if you’re not a blogger yet, but considering starting a blog, it just shows that now is a great time to do it! Read my Step By Step Guide on how to start a blog of your own. Start your blog today!


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