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How I Use Tailwind to Increase Blog Traffic

Do you need to increase your blog traffic? Read how I use Tailwind to drive traffic to my blog #blogtraffic #increasewebsitetraffic #tailwind

There are many articles out there about how to increase blog traffic. When I first got started on my blog, it was sooo overwhelming!

Added to that, people were telling me about Pinterest, SEO this and that and it was all too much.  One thing that soon became clear was that Pinterest was packed full of potential, to increase my website traffic.

This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, but rest assured, I only promote products I believe in and trust. Phew – so boring bit over – let’s explore Tailwind!

Everyone was saying it!

One thing I did do was purchase the Sheapproach Blog Traffic Ebook. It was so easy to follow and gave lots of practical advice on how to how to increase the traffic to my blog. I still review it now, to look at methods I need to remind myself about. Personally, I have it printed out, so I can scribble all over it.

See my link to read an in-depth review of the book, and also how it has dramatically improved my blog traffic so far. One of the recommendations that Ana made was to try Tailwind.

So stay with me – it’s overload I know, at the moment, but hey, you’ll get there!

I want to find out more about the SheApproach Traffic EBook!


So what’s Tailwind?

Tailwind is basically a scheduler that lets you plan your pin schedule. It has saved me many hours of manual pinning – my husband seriously thinking I had become surgically attached to my computer, and has restored my life balance.


Why do I need Tailwind? Can I not just manually pin? 

To get more blog traffic, you really need a certain volume of your pins appearing in search results every day on Pinterest, so people see them and click through to your blog.

Advantages of Tailwind over manual pinning:

  1. Saves time – you can repin already published pins that performed well.
  2. Automated pinning – with the plus plan you can add your pins to an automatic loop.
  3. Plan in advance – I have weeks of pins already scheduled
  4. Plan for the best time to reach your audience – Tailwind automatically organises what times your audience read your content the most, and adapt your schedule to reflect this.
  5. You can analyse pin performance, board performance – as a person who is constantly tweaking my ideas and experimenting, I find this particularly useful.
  6. The team aspect of it – you can join up to 5 tribes on the plus plan. This allows you to share content with other like-minded bloggers on Pinterest. It’s a real team effort – you share great content in return for others sharing your content. A fabulous way of extending the reach of your blog posts.

This is a screen shot of how far my pins in only one tribe have reached so far, after two months of using Tailwind.


Find out more about how it helped me get more blog traffic in my related post here.

7. Tailwind loops – these are basically a planned stream of pins automatically pinning to whatever boards you decide they need to go to. Loops have also been an amazing time saver for me. I have different for different topics such as: blogging tips and I can pin pins to these with one click. But more on that in a linked article coming soon. For now I would like to explain to you how easy it is to pin using Tailwind rather than manual pinning, by guiding you through the process.

8. Through my link you get a 100 pins free trial and it only costs $15 a month or $9.99 if you sign up to the 12 month plan.

 After 100 pin limit is up

Pay Monthly                                                         Year Total

$15                                   up to 400 pins only a month         $180

Pay Annually

$9.99  (month)                             Unlimited pins                $ 119.88       Saving of $60.12 


Take me over to Tailwind now!


Pin me for later!

How I use Tailwind to Fuel the Potential of Pinterest

How I use Tailwind to Fuel the Potential of Pinterest

Tailwind tutorial increase your blog traffic


How to Pin using Tailwind

On my Tailwind dashboard, go to the sidebar and click on the trumpet – this takes you to the publisher area, where you can upload and schedule pins. This is what the sidebar looks like when it opens up.

Next click on the drafts button.









Create A New Pin

This is a screen shot of what your dashboard will look like. From there, click on the button on the right – create new pin.




This is a close up of the button.  So now you are ready to build your pin.

Upload an Image

Click the Create Pin button and the upload images will appear. Select your ready-made graphic from your computer.


The next screen should look  like this. You should now have an image around which to build a pin.

Select the Board

Select a board that you want the pin to be pinned to and enter your description. Then are choices for whether you pin to Facebook, Twitter etc. You will need to set this up in settings before you are able to do this.

The pin on the left shows the board already selected.

Now you need to enter a good pin description.

To drive traffic to your blog,  you need to enter a good pin description, that a search engine like Pinterest will recognise.

When you originally had written your blog post, you will have included some keywords, so that your post will be picked up by search engines. (SEO optimised)

It is also really important not to cram this description full of key words because Google will recognise this approach and view it as spammy and therefore not a trustworthy source. Use the key words in a couple of sentences to grab the reader’s attention.

See below for three good examples a good pin description.









I need my free trial of Tailwind – take me there to find out more!


Kristin Larsen – Believe in a Budget

The pin description is top right – see how she skillfully weaves in her keywords. Fall, side hustles, money.

Elna Cain

Pin description is underneath her website address – to get more traffic to go to her blog, her keywords are weaved in. Mom blogger, blog.


Budgeting Is A Challenge

And of course – little old me! Pin description bottom right – get out debt, debt free.


And another example, using the draft pin.

As you can see, I have interwoven my key words into a question and a call to action – so making my readers curious to click through. Can you spot the key words?

Type in the Exact URL

At the bottom of the pin is already your homepage, but what you can do is put the direct link to your blog post. This is really important because your reader will expect it to be an instant link and they will not expect to search around your website to find the information they want.


Next click the add to queue button to decide when to pin. It will show up in your pin schedule on the right hand side.


The button on the left (clock symbol) will enable you to choose what time you want to schedule the pin before you add it to the queue. In my experience, Tailwind is a very intelligent program that optimises constantly when your audience is most engaged with your content. I tend to trust Tailwind because of this.

I want to get my free trial of Tailwind!


The Undoubted Power of Pinterest as a Traffic Driver

So there you have it. I can still manually pin on Pinterest for fun and interest, but I have saved over 5 hours a week. Also my blog traffic is steadily growing as a result of the tag team Pinterest and Tailwind.

Has this article made you think again about how you could get more traffic to you blog?

Has it  made you think about how you pin?

How much time is it taking you and what is the resulting blog traffic it produces?

Has Tailwind made you curious on how to boost your blog traffic?

Leave your comments and questions below.







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