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Income From My Blog : How I Made $6,423.21 in Q3 2020

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You may be asking if blogging still makes money in 2020?

Well in Q3 I made over $6000 income from my blog, so numbers don’t lie. 

I did wonder whether my income from my main affiliate would be short-lived due to Covid lockdown, but my blog has maintained on average $2000 a month in Q3.

Why publish blog income reports?

One little word. Transparency. You need to be able to see what is possible – even for someone still working in their main role. 

You CAN start a blog and make money from it even in 2020!

Money and budgeting is a challenging thing for so many people, so along with my budget plans, I want to help you achieve the things that are happening to me.This shows you that it is so possible in 2020 to make money blogging. The income reports are my unique journey and how long it has taken me to master content writing and make money from my blog.

 Blogging income report for Q3 2020

My blog income report is broken down into 2 sections. One of the sections is how my blog makes money right now and the other covers expenses. This is so you can see a snapshot of what the reality of making money blogging is.

Affiliate programs

Amazon Associates    $      8.75 

Samcart                      $6341.68

ThriveCart                   $    58.80

Shopify                        $    13.98


Blog Expenses Per Month

Domain $1.14

Hosting       $27.66

Canva                $15.17

Canvas Gadget $15.18

Thrive Themes  $31.77

Keysearch        $1.06

Shopify          $41.40

Writer               $82.80

Total               $216.18
Q3 total – $627.79

Thrive Themes Benefits

Having Thrive Themes installed means I pay one fee every year, and I have an amazing page builder and access to free themes if I want them. All that across as many sites as I want.

 The main plugin I use it for it is called Thrive Architect. 

Thrive Architect: 

  • Saves me time uploading and publishing content. 
  • Enables me to save templates, so my pages are easy to create. 
  • Make my pages look so pretty

As part of my blogger income reports in 2020 and beyond I will publish my expenses, as well as what my blog is making. It gives you a real list of things that I use to ensure my blog runs smoothly. 

The beauty about a lot of these expenses is that I use them for my Niche site also. Thrive Themes and Canva Pro are two of the best things I have purchased

Canva Pro Benefits

There are so many images I now have a license to use for only £10.99 a month. I can also build bespoke images like I have above for this post. Canva is definitely useful across both sites and my copywriter portfolio site. 

Pixabay and Unsplash are great sites for finding free photos you can use to include on your blog posts. The problem can be that other bloggers out there are using the same images. Or some people who upload photos to these sites don’t own the images they are uploading.  

It’s far better to have images that aren’t splashed all over the internet already or worse, that are not actually shared by the owners. 

Canva Pro: 

  • Helps my blog stand out 
  • Helps with SEO of images – my images aren’t used EVERYWHERE!
  • Is so easy to use. 
  • Helps me create bespoke images with text

Total Blog Profit

Total Income                    $6423.21

Expenses –  £454.92            $  610.81-

Profit                                    $ 5812.40

I am so happy as to how much blog income I have received. Hopefully this is inspirational to you if you are on the same journey. What is even better is that I have increased the amount of passive income the blog is making. 

For the last two years I have been following super successful blogs and dreamed of making a passive income stream myself. These blogs include:

They have been inspirational for me and kept me going through the tough times, when all I heard were crickets. They shared their methods and were transparent about their figures. I want to do the same for you.

 So I say yes, you can make money from a blog in 2020.

Analysing My Blogging Earnings

These blog income reports are also super useful for me to review progress and see where to chop and what to keep.

My rule is: try for a few months – if it doesn’t work or generate enough money, chop it.


Selling digital downloads is one of the best ways to make passive income. However, I don’t think I will carry on with Shopify. 

It costs $41 per month and over Q3 I made a measly $13.98. 

So it is now time to chop this out of my business. I have asked my other blogger colleagues for recommendations and Etsy seems to be the way to go. 

It charges as a % of sales, so I will try this and let you know how this works.

 Canvas Gadget

I pay this every month for a beautifully created 3d representation of a budget planner that hasn’t made me much money.

This is getting the chop too but after I have tried Etsy!

Tailwind is Out

Yes I binned it, so it doesn’t figure anymore in my blog expenses.It cost $500 a year!  Pinterest was eating my time, so I quit using it and also its major scheduler Tailwind. 

Result – no change in traffic! And loads more of my time back! Win! Previously this year, I have recommended it, but now I’ve changed my mind, based on my results.

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 Actions Going Forward for Q4

Hire A Writer Consistently

Benefits of hiring a writer:

  • My time is freed up to concentrate on my copywriting career and building my niche site. 
  • You can organize what needs to be written by giving them an outline, but then it’s just a case of uploading. 

So action 1 will be employing my writer to write 2 pieces of content every month.

 Create a Content Calendar

I tried this on my niche site as Mike Pearson does for his sites, and it works so well. Basically I will have content scheduled to be written. This will be sourced from targeted keyword research. (I use Ahref’s $7 week trial) 

For each piece of content I will link a writer’s outline. This will keep everyone in the team organised. My aim is to produce way more content in 2021, now that I can see Budgeting is a Challenge can make money.

Hire a VA

Virtual assistant services are invaluable. My husband is joining team BIAC as a VA. It is going so save me a tonne of time! 

His job will be uploading content across all my sites so I am free to pursue my copywriting work and develop the niche site passive income stream.

Blogging Income Goals for Q4 2020

Here are my goals for this lovely blog going into Q4 

Blog income from affiliates – $8000

Amazon affiliate income $50 

Digital products income – $300

Other Blog Goals

  • Traffic to be an average of 7000 sessions. 
  • Apply to Ezoic ad network by June 2021 (need to achieve average 10,000 sessions a month).

In conclusion

In Q3 I feel I have made great progress with my blog income goals. Making money blogging is something we all can achieve. The SEO work and learning I have done via Stupid Simple SEO course is really paying off. My traffic is up and people appreciate the products I recommend to them. 

If there’s one thing you can take away from this it is this. No matter how much traffic you get, how much SEO you know, the products you recommend must be ones you are truly passionate about. 

Would you recommend them to your mother? If not, don’t recommend it.

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