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How to make 20 dollars fast – 20+ Ways

Looking for how to make 20 dollars fast? You’re in the right place! While it doesn’t sound like a huge amount to some, an extra 20 dollars could be the difference you need to pay your rent this month, buy groceries for your family, or afford transport to get to your job.

It could also help with financial obligations like making a credit card payment or reducing your overdraft. Whatever your reasons for needing to make 20 dollars fast, you can earn it in a little as five minutes! The best part? Most of these can be done from home in your pyjamas.

What’s more, you can even make some of these suggestions a permanent side hustle to help earn extra income each month. Bonus!

Let’s get straight to it! Here are my top twenty ways of how to make 20 dollars fast

Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any purchase made through such links will award me a small commission (at absolutely no extra cost for you). These funds help me keep this blog up and running. 

1. Earn 20 dollars fast with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an awesome way of how to make 20 dollars fast by completing quick and easy tasks like watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, and more. You can also earn points by taking advantage of new member welcome offers on the site and referring your friends. You can cashout when you reach just five dollars, which you can earn in under an hour. Result!

Join Swagbucks for free

2. Get free money on Rakuten

Earn cashback every time you shop online with Rakuten (formally known as Ebates). Simply sign up for free, login and find your retailer and click through to shop and checkout as normal.

Rakuten then tracks your purchase and rewards you a percentage of the money back. Amazing!

You can also pair your credit card with your account to earn double points with certain retailers. Plus, they have a handy app and browser extension to ensure you’re always collecting cashback when you shop.

Even better, once you’ve signed up and spent $25, you’ll get a $10 cashback bonus. You’ll also get a whopping $25 commission when you refer your friends and they spend their first $25. So this could also turn into a nice little regular earner for you!

Sign up with Rakuten

3. Make extra cash as a transcriber

If you’re a fast, accurate typer and have excellent English language skills, you can actually get paid to transcribe audio into text for companies.

You usually get paid per minute, so it really does pay well if your words per minute typing count is high.

Get started on sites like scribie, and Transcribeme to find genuine transcribing jobs that can help you earn $20 in no time at all!

Jobs often come from a variety of sources, including doctors notes, law, and science-related topics.

Read my related post all about how to make money from home as a transcriber.

4. Write for Listverse

Did you say you wanted to know how to make 20 dollars fast? How about 100 dollars?? That’s right! You can earn a whopping $100 dollars per article when you submit list-style articles to Listverse.

Have a look on their website and familiarise yourself with their writing style and the types of articles they’re looking for. Some of their articles are hilarious!

Also, I would recommend doing your research before you write and submit your article. Imagine how awkward it would be if you send them something that’s already been written? On that note, your writing must be 100% original.

Start writing for Listverse

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5. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Fancy getting paid just for driving around in your car? Uber and Lyft have absolutely exploded in popularity over the years, and it’s really easy to get your taxi licence and start driving for them.

You can make up to 25 bucks an hour, plus any tips from customers.

If you meet their criteria (at least 21 years old with a driving licence and have been driving for at least a year or three years if you’re under 23) and pass their verification checks, then you’re all set and can start earning money fast.

Join Uber or Lyft

6. Rent your space on Airbnb

If you have a spare room, loft space, garage or a garden annex, renting out your space could definitely help you earn 20 dollars, and then some! Why not try renting your room out on Airbnb?

Most people have heard of Airbnb these days. It’s become a household name and is a completely safe and trusted platform.

It will help connect you with customers who are looking for holiday and permanent rentals. Airbnb is free to join, so sign up and take a look if you’d like to make extra cash from your home.

Get started on Airbnb today

7.Sell photos on Shutterstock

Take Shutterstock photos for 20 bucks

Did you know you can make money by selling your random photos online? You don’t even have to be a professional photographer or own an expensive camera!

You can sell any clear and tasteful photos on sites like Shutterstock, where you upload your photos and earn a commission every time someone purchases and downloads them from the platform.

The average photo sells for around $1 and you earn approximately 30% of that. The better quality and more in demand your photos are, the more money you will make. Plus, the more photos you upload, again, the more cash you will bring in.

Sure, it might not make you rich, but it’s a nice, passive way to earn $20 from photos you had just sitting on your phone or computer folder.

Start selling your shots on Shutterstock

8. Sell old books & games on Amazon

Amazon has become part of our everyday lives. Thanks to Prime, you can get things delivered to your door super quick. Some items you can now even get within the same day!

However, did you know Amazon is also a great way to make extra money?

Sell your old books and games on there to earn extra dollars online. Some of your books and games will be worth more depending on demand and value e.g. textbooks, first editions, limited edition games etc.

List items for just 75 cents, plus a 7-15% referral fee depending on the item category (only charged when item sells)

Explore seller programs on Amazon

9. Sell used tech on Craigslist

Craigslist is another great way to make money in one hour or less. Tech such as games consoles, TVs, old phones, and computer gadgets sell fast on the marketplace, especially if you price it right.

Compare your competition and check similar listings to help your stuff sell faster. Then, simply name your price, upload decent photos, and wait for the money to roll in.

The best part? The buyer collects from you so no trips to the post office required!

Sign up to Craig’s list

10.  Sell old stuff through Decluttr

Do you have a lot of stuff to sell but feel slightly overwhelmed with the process?

Decluttr is a fantastic solution if you’d like to sell everything and send it all off in one go. They mainly buy tech like mobile phones, DVDs and games consoles but also purchase LEGO and books.

Get an instant valuation and ship your things to them for free and they’ll pay you the next day after receiving them. If you don’t like the price they offer, they’ll ship your items back for free. Making it the perfect stress-free solution!

Sign up free on Decluttr

11.  Mow your neighbour’s lawn to make 20 bucks

If you have a lawnmower handy and some free time, why not offer to mow your neighbour’s lawns to make an extra 20 dollars in cash quickly? If you’d like to make it a regular income, you can advertise your services on local Facebook groups and design flyers/business cards on free services like Canva. It’s also a great way to stay active!

12.   Make $20 fast with Usertesting

Testing websites using a platform like Usertesting is another great way to make 20 dollars fast online. It’s really easy to get started, too. All you need is a fast, reliable internet connection, plus a microphone.

The idea is, you share your screen online while you test websites and record your feedback. Usertesting then pays you in exchange for your opinion. It’s free to join and you can earn $10 per test. Each test lasts around 20-30 mins so you could definitely complete more than one per day, if the opportunities are available.

Sign up to Usertesting

13.  Get paid to search the internet

Search the internet to make money in one hour

Did you know you can actually get paid to search on Google, eBay, and Amazon? Sites and browser extensions like Qmee sit in your browser and reward you for visiting certain sites. When you see the notification pop up, simply click on it and earn a bonus.

You often earn around 5 cents per click, which quickly adds up. There are no limits on when you can cashout on Qmee, so you can withdraw your earnings as soon as they are added to your piggy bank.

14.  Answer questions on Justanswer

Calling all brainiacs! Another way to earn 20 dollars an hour is by answering questions on Justanswer. If you’re a professional or expert in a specific subject like science or healthcare, apply online and start answering questions to earn money via PayPal. It’s really flexible and you can answer as many or as few questions as you’d like

15.  Sell digital items on Etsy or Cafepress

This one is another one of my favorite passive income ideas to earn extra bucks online with minimum effort. If you’re a dab hand on programs like Photoshop, you can design your own templates and sell them online via platforms like Etsy and Cafepress.

People will buy all kinds of digital products, including meal planners, budget trackers, weight loss plans, plus loads more. Get your thinking cap on and upload your designs to these platforms to start earning today.

Get started on Etsy today

16.  99 Designs – Logos

99 Designs is another idea for creatives! Designing logos is an awesome passive income idea to help you earn 20 bucks fast online.

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses who don’t have the time or resources to create their own logo. Instead, they often go online seeking out help.

Make it really easy for them to find you by advertising your services on 99 Designs, a site that helps connect creatives with businesses.

Top tip! If you’re new to this, try creating some mockups for imaginary businesses to showcase your portfolio and have examples ready to show off. You’ll easily earn $20+ dollars for your work!

Earn $20 fast with 99 designs

17.  Make money as an Amazon Mechanical Turk

Become an Amazon Mechanical Turk and make extra dollars online in your spare time.

What exactly is an Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing website from Amazon where you complete bite-sized tasks such as surveys, transcriptions, and Google search descriptions in exchange for cash.

The earning potential is definitely there and you can easily make 20 bucks in a day. Sign up for free and keep checking for new jobs on a daily basis.

Sign up to Amazon Mechanical Turk

18.  Take on house cleaning & maintenance jobs

If you’d like to make 20 dollars fast, traditional jobs such as cleaning homes are still a great option. If you’re wondering how to get your first client, it can help to utilize platforms that already have an active audience. They can help you gain quick business, such as Amazon Home Service and TaskRabbit.

These sites are packed full of opportunities that you can tap into and start building feedback to set yourself up, to begin with, and earn your first $20.

Sign up to Amazon Home Service

19.  Make 20 dollars fast delivering stuff on Postmates

Sign up to Postmates and become a local delivery person by accepting delivery jobs. From groceries to household items, this app works just like Uber Eats.

You can accept deliveries on the app and fulfill them to make money. Simply sign up and confirm your identity, attend an orientation session and you’re good to go!

Sign up to Postmates

20.  Earn $20 in five minutes on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers to help businesses with all sorts of tasks. Admin, creative stuff like graphic and web design, voiceovers, copywriting, videos, plus so much more. Whatever skill(s) you have, you can flog it on Fiverr for sure.

Sign up and post your job for free and start selling services from, you guessed it, $5.

It also supports upselling opportunities e.g. one logo could start from $5 and you could charge $10 or more for edits and variations.

Freelance on Fiverr

Top tips for earning 20 dollars fast

I love making extra money on the side and regularly earn $20+ dollars through a range of side hustles.

Here are my top tips for claiming extra cash fast:

●       Firstly, try to avoid any scams or sites that ask for payment details or upfront costs such as MLM (Multilevel marketing) or pyramid schemes – if it sounds too good to be true, run in the opposite direction!

●       Don’t be afraid to try new skills and put yourself out there

●       Utilise your network – do you have any friends or family who need help and would offer cash in exchange for your time and skills?

●       Track your earnings with a spreadsheet or write them down to check if it’s worth your time (if not, it might be time to try a new way to earn $20)

●       Check for referral schemes when you sign up to each new site and remember to refer your friends and family to earn a referral commission on certain sites


So there we have it! 20 quick and easy ways to make 20 dollars. Some of these opportunities could help you earn up to $20 in as little as five minutes.

Others may take about an hour or up to a day, maybe even slightly longer.

Either way, it’s worth exploring a few at a time and seeing which ones suit your lifestyle and personality. If you only have a few minutes free per day, it’s best to try surveys and similar online, home-based suggestions mentioned above. These take less time to set up and earn $20.

Likewise, a practical option may fit your personality or availability better e.g. cleaner, gardener, delivery driver, etc. Good luck!

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