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How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas In My House Fast?

How do I get rid of fleas from my house?

Having an flea infestation can be overwhelming can’t it? Or maybe you are looking ahead and planning. Fact is the weather is becoming steadily warmer. Unfortunately, this means that our fur babies will inevitably bring us unwanted friends – the common flea. I have had a couple of horrendous experiences of fleas, that has helped me formulate this plan for getting rid of fleas from your house.

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What kills fleas in the house?

Fleas are resilient little creatures – they will wait until it is warm enough and hatch from their eggs. A few simple steps will kill fleas over the long term, but you have to bear in mind, that this is a cycle and it demands daily cleaning for 2-3 weeks, to ensure a re-infestation doesn’t happen again.
My top household spray that kills fleas dead is called Indorex.

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It is still extremely effective. Recently I used in it an infested empty rental house that I was renovating and it worked first time. (On the first day of working in that house, I had 30 bites around  my ankles!)
Benefits of this spray, that I can say are true in all cases I have used it on include – it lasts for 12 months (it kills the fleas as they hatch). Other benefits are that a spray bottle is enough for a 3 bedroom house. If you suffer from dust allergy, it will also kill and control the development of dust mites – so a win, win!

What will kill fleas on my cat?

I use a spot on treatment, called Bravecto. This is, according to the vet, is the most effective treatment on the market. I regularly check with the vet, even if I don’t buy from them. They tend to know what products have been deemed ineffective. Fleas become resistant to treatments very quickly. Bravecto is not the cheapest, but my vet assures me that brands such as Bob Martin and Frontline now no longer work. You will have to purchase this through a pet drug website like the one I have linked this article to. They will ask you to fill in a short form about your pet, for their records. I have found them usually to be 50% cheaper than buying from the vet direct.

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What will kill fleas on my dog?

Bravecto for dogs. This is easier to give because it comes in the form of a tasty, chewable biscuit. Jasper, my dog could go three months without scratching, so the price tag of around £20 was worth it. (At the vets, you will pay around £40!) This is especially worth thinking about if your dogs are regularly groomed, bathed or like to play in water. If they do, you will find yourself paying more money having to re-apply the spot-on treatments after they are washed off.

On one occasion Jasper ran up a bill for £150, just because he had bitten a flea bite and it had become infected. So well, well worth it!

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What Cleaning Do I Need to Do to Get Rid of Fleas?

Use the Flea Spray

  1. Spray around the edges of the rooms in your house. If you are doing more than one room at at time, make sure you go out of the house. The fumes from a household flea spray can be overpowering.
  2. Make sure all the windows are open and animals are not able to go inside. The fumes should have settled down within a hour to an hour and a half.
  3. At that point I would vacuum the room, concentrating around all the edges and wooden architraves, as fleas lay their eggs around the edges of the room, in little nooks and crannies.

Top tip – also spray inside the vacuum canister/bag, so that any fleas sucked into the vacuum aren’t able to breed also.

Are you stressed over a flea infestation in your home? Need to get rid of the fleas. Track when you treat your house and pets using my easy tracker.

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Use the Flea Spray on Beds and Wash Bedding

Use the flea spray on your pet’s bed, if it is not washable at 60 degrees Celsius. Then put it outside to ventilate. It is important that the bed is dry, before you let your pet back near the bed.

If your pet regularly sleeps on your bed, strip the bed down and spray the mattress. When dry, turn and repeat on the underside. Again, do not use until you are sure the spray has dried.

With washable bedding, check it will withstand 60 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, fleas, dustmites and their eggs are denatured. This means that they die and are the eggs are no longer able to hatch in warmth. Wash all pet towel, bedding and all household bedding, and mattress/pillow protectors at this temperature. If you can was the duvet and pillows, I wouldn’t hesitate, as you know you have covered all bases.

Vacuum Regularly

If you can vacuum daily, I would thoroughly recommend this. This will ultimately break the flea hatching cycle, and remove the remains, as they hatch. It will also remove newly laid eggs, so less and less critters actually hatch as time goes on. This is a tough job ,but there is light at the end of the tunnel. With a bad flea infestation, it’s usually as you are about to lose your mind, that the flea cycle breaks, you stop getting bitten and your pet becomes more at ease too.

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How Do I Prevent a Re-infestation of Fleas Happening Again?

It is possible to prevent a re-infestation happening again. It just takes regular action, and being mindful of when the weather becomes warmer. Watching out for your pets scratching unnecessarily. Make a note of when you last treated your pet and treat continually, all year round.

Regular vacuuming of different types of floors, especially around the edges, will leave fleas with nowhere to hide. Of course, don’t forget to spray the house every 12 months, not forgetting mattresses and pet beds.

Sorted – you have an easy, manageable long term strategy for flea management.

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