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How do I get rid of a cold on a budget? 10 Remedies

How I get rid of a cold | 10 ways

As the weather becomes increasingly unpredictable and the nights are drawing in, this is generally the time I get a cold. Are you the same? You wake up on that fateful day and bam – a streaming nose, banging head and of course, the inevitable temperature.

It gets me thinking back every year to how my mum use to solve this hideous unwelcome visitor. Mr Budget has also been my inspiration for this post. Both of them are passionate believers that a cold can be busted very easily on a budget.

How I get rid of a cold | 10 ways

How I get rid of a cold | 10 ways






























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Lemons and Honey

Natural is best as Mr Budget would say. Here is his famous recipe, that is so simple to make. It has even sorted out my regular sore throats.

  1. Boil the kettle with enough water to fill a measuring jug.
  2. Chop one lemon into thin slices
  3. Place the lemon into the boiled water and leave to infuse.
  4. Pour out some lemon water and stir in a teaspoon or two of pure honey.

There should be two more glasses of this per jug. Keep in the fridge until you next need it and heat up in the cup. If the liquid is not heated, the honey will not dissolve. Also, the heat will relax the throat area also, which can be of temporary relief.

A Tablespoon of Honey

Honey, it is said, has many benefits. One of them is that it will lubricate your throat if you have been breathing through your mouth all the time. Another benefit of honey is that it has antiseptic qualities, so will help you in your recovery. One way of doing this is just to enjoy a tablespoon of honey every time your throat becomes really dry.

Coated Tissues

Believe it or not you can get coated tissues, which will stop your nose from becoming sore and red. There’s nothing worse than going to work with a beating, peeling nose. I go to my local ‘Savers’ store and pick up Tempo sensitive skin tissues for 99p, or alernatively Kleenex aloe vera for 99p also. Both are equally good at stopping me officially becoming Rudolf.

How I get rid of a cold | 10 ways

How I get rid of a cold | 10 ways

Lemsip is Amazing

In the form of powder, for me, Lemsip is a massively successful cold remedy. It transforms me from some kind of zombie, into a functioning human being, ready for the day. I find that I have to make sure I take as often as it will allow, to stay on top of my cold. If I stop taking it, I start feeling lousy quite quickly. Fortunately now, you can pick up 10 packs at supermarkets for around £3. The flavours are now wide ranging also. I recommend trying the ginger and honey, and the lemon flavour. The key to not getting sick of the flavours, is to buy 3 or 4 different flavours. All of them, apart from the blood orange flavour, partner up beautifully with a teaspoon of honey.

Breathe in Steam

Loosening a blocked up nose can be a total temporary relief. I personally, have bought a steam inhaler cup, which I fill with boiled water and breathe in directly. It was £6.99 and enables me to breathe in the steam, through the mouthpiece. I don’t need to mess my hair up at the same time. Major win, especially if you have long, thick hair!

Caffeinated Drinks

Ok, I will remind you, I don’t obviously qualify to give a medical opinion. One thing that does help me is to drink a couple of fizzy diet drinks a day, such as Pepsi Max or Diet Coke. The caffeine within the drink is a pick me up and gives me some relief from my symptoms.

Try a Hot Toddy

Ok, so personal preference here – some people swear by whiskey just before bed, but I can’t stomach whiskey.

One thing, my late elderly friend Brenda swore by a shot of whiskey tipped into a mug of warm milk. The milk interestingly, has a natural sedative within it.

However, one thing that helps me on occasional nights where a cold is really hurting me, is a shot of brandy, mixed with a shot of port. Brandy is known as a stomach settler – I find that useful if I’m suffering from nausea. Port is known to help warm you up, in cold weather. It just makes me feel warm and cosy inside before I fall asleep for the night.

Gargle Warm Salt Water

Salt is a fantastic substance for sorting out any damage a cold reeks. It will also strip your throat of any mucus hanging around. The warmth of the water will open up your throat again, giving some light relief.

Take a Hot Shower

In terms of relief, a hot shower can be the difference, for me, between feeling awful all night and comfortable. A bath, or a shower can relax your muscles, which could be a little tense from not feeling you best. Be careful though, when you have a cold, not to go into overly hot water, as it can be a shock to your body. If your nose is blocked, sometimes this can cause you to feel a little faint.

Hopefully these tips will help you to get through your cold, with some semblance of normality and armed with a raft of cheap ideas to try out.

As always, feel free to comment and suggest your own ideas. I am always in search of new ideas to try.




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