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Gifts for Bloggers – 10 Practical Ideas

10 practical gifts for bloggers

The time has come again to busily rack your brains as to what to buy certain people. Well, if they are avid bloggers or vloggers, you have come to the right place. Christmas is a great opportunity to show them you have thought about their interests and come up with a superb present that they will get true value out of.

This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, but rest assured, I only promote products I believe in and trust.


Ultimate presents for bloggers | Tripod for vlogging |

Ultimate presents for bloggers | Tripod for vlogging |

Amazon has a great range of tripods on sale, which would be really useful for a vlogger. Try and find out before you buy, what device they record their vlog videos on. Then you can buy a tripod with the appropriate attachment. Also worth bearing in mind is do they like to film outside or from a height ideally? If so, a taller tripod would be useful in this case. If they usually film from a short distance away for example, on a desk at home, a shorter tripod would be fine.


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10 Practical Gifts for Bloggers

10 Practical Gifts for Bloggers

2. DSLR Cameras

Ultimate presents for bloggers | dslr camera for vlogging |

Ultimate presents for bloggers | dslr camera for vlogging |

If you are feeling like you really want to treat this person to a Christmas they won’t forget, an DSLR camera is a perfect present for a vlogger.  The blogger in mind may want an easy use piece of kit – point and shoot, or alternatively be ready to take their filming one step further. A DSLR camera will provide the opportunity to develop thir filming skills when setting up their blog.

London camera exchange offer great value on second hand cameras and are total experts in this field. They also do a part exchange deal for old cameras, which is fab. Check out their website through the link. Amazon have many great deals on new, secondhand and refurbished cameras, so this is definitely worth a look also.


3.Blog Hosting

If your blogger is on free hosting at the moment and is determined to make it, one of the things to do that will prove useful would be to buy them self hosting. See my link here to found out more about self hosting , how to start a blog and why bloggers need hosting.

I personally recommend Bluehost, the hosting company I am with. They are amazing, and work very closely with bloggers. I can personally testify to this. In my really early days,  I thought I had lost my blog completely. They chatted to me, calmed me down and reassured me they would fix the problem quickly. True to their word, they fixed the problem within 10 minutes and I could breathe! This piece of mind early on particularly is an important present you could give.

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Get Bluehost’s limited offer for $3.95 a month through my affiliate link.

4. Buy a Blog Theme for  a Newbie Blogger

Although I am not an affiliate, I bought my blog theme from Themeforest. It is a fantastic website, full of choice for every type of blog. A beginner blogger is bound to appreciate this, as let’s face it, a lot of bloggers start out with minimal spare cash. This will give them the chance to really make their website look fabulous. Themes are priced between $20 and $150. This would be a truly memorable gift! For more information on themes, click here to my blog post. 

Buy a blog theme for a blogger this Christmas | Themeforest

Buy a blog theme for a blogger this Christmas | Themeforest

5. Buy a Design a Logo Package for  a Newbie Blogger

Fiverr is a great website, for new and more experience bloggers alike. It connects designers with customers so that you can get a variety of branding superbly produced. I employed a designer to design my logo. It cost me £12 – this included 4 design variations and stationary versions. Read more about my experience with Fiverr here. 


6. Buy an Ebook from an expert who has had great success

This is my absolute Bible at the moment, as I am building the traffic to my website. This is one of the things that beginner bloggers struggle the most with. Again another present that will be really appreciated. Read my indepth review here.

I have achieved an 18k monthly audience, based on my own content, as a result of using this ebook, so it is a brilliant investment for any blogger.

It is a step by step guide to: SEO, email marketing, and improving your traffic by using different social media platforms.

Ana is also offering a $5 discount if you enter the code TSA5OFF. This is valid for your Christmas purchase and beyond. A fabulous investment for a blogger, made by an industry expert!

Increase your blog traffic today | Ideal presents for bloggers |

Increase your blog traffic today | Ideal presents for bloggers |


Check out further information and details about the ebook through my affiliate link.








7. Buy a bundle of resources from an experienced blogger!

Another option could be to provide the blogger with months of help and advice. Not only is traffic to your website a challenge, but making money from your blog also. The affiliate bundle explains the process of how to be an affiliate, what this means. It also helps you via video tutorials, and step by step teaching to achieve your first affiliate sale.

Is the blogger you know putting 110% effort in and gaining almost zero in return? Are they making less than $100 dollars income from their blog a month?

This might be the best present they receive for years, as it will cut out all the trial and error process!

Not only that, Ana is always an email away – from experience, I have felt excellently supportive and part of team, since I have had her ebooks. She is keen to support people, and help them suceed!

Click on my affiliate link to find out more information and benefits of the affiliate bundle.

She Approach to Affiliate Marketing

Increase your blog’s income with affiliate marketing | Ideal presents for bloggers |

8. Buy  a photographic background for flatlay experts.

Social media demands that photographs looks professional and crisp. We want to create a perfect impression of our lives. One way to achieve this is with a flatlay background and photo props. They can make a massive difference to your photos.

Growing a social media presence is essential for modern bloggers. Instagram particularly has seen a surge in popularity. A present like this will really get their niche in the world out there and grow a following.

9. Give a blog planner for the organised blogger.

If they are anything like me, I love nothing more than scribbling away on paper, as I write. To create blog posts, I have my trusty planner next to me, to sketch out the details as I write. Buy a planner today and enable the blogger you know to write down all their moments of inspiration. Paperchase have some great blog planners and notebooks. WHSmith have also got some beautiful planners too! Not on the high has cute printable planners for all tastes.

Buy a blog planner for a blogger this Christmas

Buy a blog planner for a blogger this Christmas

10. Desk resources are a win!

Bloggers spend many hours at their desks, furiously writing away. Why not treat them to a fabulously comfortable office chair, or an adjustable footrest? Make their life more comfortable and improve their working experience.

Protective screens to shade eyes from glare are a must, along with laptop stands or even a cushion if the blogger hasn’t got a desk.

So, what’s your opinion on these ideas for bloggers at Christmas? Do you have anyone in mind that will benefit?

Or are you a blogger already? Why don’t you treat yourself? Remember you work exceptionally hard – go on.. you deserve it!


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