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Stash Your Cash with Chip Plus Free £10

Need an autosave function to stash cash? Get Chip app and receive £10 free!

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We are all looking for inspiration to help us put money aside, to finally get out of debt. 

 What works for me, might not work for you.

Budgeting is so individual to you. 

What motivates you to stash away your cash?

Do you like a manual method, where you have to write everything down, so you feel accountable?

 Is this boring and stimulates a yawn from you straight away? 

Ok, so I have an idea for you! 

Chip app is sneaky - it stashes for you automatically! 

What is the Chip app? 

The Chip app connects to your bank account and uses AI to calculate how much money you can set aside each month. 

It uses clever data from all its users when calculating what's best for you to do and will let you know what it wants to do before it does it. How clever! 

How to Get a free £10 from Chip

Use the Chip promo code BUDGET10 to get £10 free after your first two auto saves.

Download the chip app and get £10 free

How often will it stash away my cash? 

Every four days the cute AI Chip robot will autosave an amount it has accurately calculated for you.

Sometimes, it won't do an autosave - this is because it has calculated that you can't afford to do it at that point in time. 

Can I manually move money with Chip?

When I have a goal in mind, I always believe it is important to have flexibility, so I can pay more in, if I wish.

Chip lets you make manual payments of up to £10,000 a year!

This is what the Chip app looks like on your phone

Is the Chip app safe?

The money Chip puts away for you is deposited in your Chip account.

Chip protects your data protected with bank level 128-bit encryption

This is Chip's example of how secure their security is. 

Chip says: 

'it would take 2^128 combinations to break the key - using the world’s most powerful computers, this would still take a billion years)'


How do I withdraw my money from the Chip app?

You can take your money out of the Chip app whenever you want to. 

If you hit the ‘withdraw’ button before 5pm on a working day, the cash will be in your current account the same day.

Hit it on a weekend or after 5pm, and it’ll be transferred the next working day.

Which accounts can I connect to the Chip app?

Chip connects totally with all UK high street banks:

 Halifax, Lloyds, Nationwide, Barclays, HSBC, First Direct, Santander, TSB, RBS, Metro Bank and Co-operative Bank.

 If you bank with:

Natwest, Monzo, Starling N26, HSBC or Revolut, you can also just connect using your bank card to Chip.

Can I use Chip if I have an overdraft?

You can use Chip to save, even if you are overdrawn. You will have to enable the setting in the app.

A thing to consider though -  overdraft fees can be as high as credit card rates. It's so hard to climb back out of them isn't it. 

One way of doing it would be to have a goal in Chip to pay off your overdraft - withdraw the cash in lumps and pay off your overdraft gradually like that.

If you only connect your bank card to Chip (and don’t fully connect Chip to your bank), Chip can’t see your bank balance so overdraft saving is on by default and can't be switched off.

What are the steps to claiming my free £10?

  1. 1
    Go through my link to the offer 
  2. 2
    Enter promo code BUDGET10
  3. 3
    Download the FREE Chip app (Android or IOS version available).
  4. 4
    Once you've put aside money twice, you will get £10 - absolutely free!

So whatever your goals for putting money aside this year, this app could be such an easy solution to build up money without you noticing! 

Be sure to share this offer with others, so they can benefit too! 

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AD: Start 2020 with a bang by getting £10 with Chip app. Stash your cash automatically using AI
AD: Start 2020 with a bang by getting £10 with Chip app. Stash your cash without resorting to manual methods, using AI
AD: Start 2020 with a bang by getting £10 with Chip app for stashing your cash without resorting to manual methods, using AI


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