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Fired Up Freelance Review – Freelancing Course

Build the Life and Income You Want – Freelancing

Building a successful freelance business has never been easier than in 2021!

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Girl Freelancer working on the beach scaling her freelance business

If I can do build a successful freelance business, so can you!

My main role is a demanding one, so I made the decision to diversify my income and become a freelancer.

The end goal – to work from home, on my terms. I decided on freelance copywriting.

But what if you want to freelance in another business area?

Step in Fired up Freelance. This post is designed to help you avoid the masses of information overload.

It will give my opinion of the Freelance Success Framework, the online freelancing course they offer. 

In a rush or hurry?

Main points:

⭐ You need a structure and steps to build and scale a successful Freelancing business.

⭐The Freelance Success Framework (Fired Up Freelance’s Course) is the best online freelancing course. (in my humble opinion)

⭐The course will pay itself back many times!

Dip your toe in! Watch this free training and see for yourself!

Who’s the best freelance training coach?

Nicki Krawczyk runs this freelance training. I originally purchased Filthy Rich Writer because I wanted to develop a freelance copywriting business. Now Nicki, a freelancer with over 15 years of experience, and the founder of both courses, has developed a course that helps other freelancers scale their businesses too.

Nicki’s mission is to share what she has learned in her 15+ years as a freelance copywriter, to help you build your freelance business successfully. She brings over 8 years of success teaching her methods of building a freelance business to her students of Filthy Rich Writer.

And yes, she has achieved a 6-figure income consistently, so who better to teach freelancers how it’s done!

Need guidance and advice on how to attract great clients?

Want to attract higher-paying clients to your freelance business?

Throughout my time, developing my freelance business, a strong plus about Nicki’s copywriting course is her private Facebook group. Nicki and her supporting coach Kate have been super constructive, but also very honest on how I can improve. Fired Up Freelance has got its own private Facebook group where you will get this same excellent quality training!

With Nicki’s support, I have learned how to create my unique selling proposition or USP and understand who I was wanting to serve. Nicki helped me to understand what benefits I could provide to my audience. For my skill set, it was copywriting, but these techniques apply to all freelance businesses.

She is so constructive and will give constructive feedback. Through the course, she supported me to:

  • develop my business plan
  • create a great website
  • create great social media profiles and understand how to use them to attract clients.
  • pitch clients successfully.
  • price my services accurately.
  • systemize my freelancing business
  • scale my freelancing income
Girl sat working on her freelancing course on her laptop on a yellow table.

Is this freelancing framework a good fit for any type of freelancing business?

The answer is yes! I think it’s fantastic how she has developed this new course, that includes ALL these amazing techniques, that she has used over her 15+ years as a freelancer.

Now, after 8 years of teaching people how to create successful freelancing copywriting businesses, she is unlocking all these strategies to help freelancers everywhere.

Note – These strategies are so effective that I will be scaling down my teaching job to 4 days a week as of April 12th! I am the main wage earner, so for me, it has been a gradual scale-up. I needed to save my freelance earnings so that I had a backup.

What is freelancing and how does it work?

Basically a freelance job is a job where you work for yourself rather than for a company, on their payroll. You will complete work for companies or organizations, but you are classed as self-employed.

Can anyone make money as a freelancer?

Yes – you just need to be consistent and persistent.
Nicki Krawczyk is the copywriting and freelance coach over at Filthy Rich Writer and Fired Up Freelance.
 She explains exactly how to work from home as a freelancer and make great money. From beginners with no experience (like me originally) to people who feel they need direction to focus their freelancing experience. Make no mistake, this isn’t a quick fix to success. You need to put in the time and effort to get to where you want to be. 
Take a look at the free training – see if it’s for you.

What does this freelancing course cover?

It’s such a pain when you can’t find any specific information about what the course covers. This certainly wasn’t true with this course. Nicki was very specific, but here is a summary anyway, so you have it in one place. 

Nicki covers: 

 How to: 

  • develop a success mindset and overcome resistance.
  • write your own business plan.
  • schedule tasks so they get done.
  • develop your USP and understanding what benefits your services have to your clients.
  • create and manage your own website and social media accounts 
  • attract and pitch great clients.
  • figure out your rates.
  • get repeat work.

Read all about Nicki here

Having used Nicki’s copywriting course now for the last 12 months, I firmly believe this is one of the best copywriting courses out there.

Fired Up Freelance I also believe is already one of the best freelancing courses for freelance business development. It’s FRW for freelancers of ALL kinds. Big win!

It’s great to be able to recommend something to you that I know and trust. I have wanted to do this for so long. Especially as some of you have got into contact with me asking whether there was any course similar to Filthy Rich Writer, but for freelancing in general.

Freelance photographer female working taking photos in the street. She could use the Fired Up Freelance course to help her scale her freelance photography business
female photographer with professional SLR camera, natural light, selective focus on nearest part of lens with blend

An Insider’s View of the Foundation Modules

-Module 1: Getting Started

-Module 2: Fight Resistance and Win

-Module 3: Your Positioning Framework

-Module 4: Creating Your Professional Presence

-Module 5: The Freelance Pricing Framework

-Module 6: The Client-Landing Framework

-Module 7: The Project Process Framework

-Module 8: How to Keep Work Coming In

 Where relevant, the modules have action sheets, and extra resources and examples to help you. See for yourself the detail the course goes into with my handy screenshots of the dashboard

Module 1 and 2 Fired Up Freelance course
fired up freelance module 3 details
fired up freelance module 4 details
fired up freelance module 5 details
fired up freelance module 6 details
fired up freelance module 7 details
fired up freelance module 8 details

Bonus Courses

One question that also occured to me was. What bonuses do I get?

Does this freelancing course actually offer more of a deep-dive approach or advanced strategy in certain topics?

A bit like an opportunity to truly scale my freelance business, once I had learned the basics? 

The answer is yes it does. The amount of bonus courses within the Fired Up Freelance course is actually overwhelming. 

The deep dive areas are about advanced pricing strategies, ways to communicate with clients, essential business info and scaling your income.  

Here are some that I can see right now: 

  • Advanced Pricing Strategies
  • How to Coach Your Clients to Work With You
  • How to Have Difficult Client Conversations
  • Finance, Insurance and Legal Essentials for Freelancers
  • How to Get More Work From Your Clients
  • How to Use Job Boards (the smart way!) 
  • The 6-Figure (and Beyond!) Business Plan
  • How to Get More Work From Recruiters
  • Template Library

The fact that I feel totally overwhelmed looking at the sheer amount of content in this course has to help me achieve my goals, tells you that this course is great value for money.

Will the course fit around my schedule?

I find that you can do as little or as much as you want to do. I tend to find that if I do too much, I can’t retain as much.

If you are struggling for time, picture it like this. The least amount of time you need is the time it takes you to have a cup of coffee every day. That’s all the time you need to set aside. So fitting learning in can be easy.

Young woman freelancer in t-shirt and jeans excited and nervous to get started on her freelancing course.

I feel scared making the leap!

Yeh I hear you – I was exactly the same. 

I just didn’t realize how much I was stopping myself from succeeding.

Sound familiar?

Nicki has answers for that.. and long-term coping strategies too.

She also gives you tips on how to build your own confidence. This was and continues to be so valuable for me.

FAQs Fired Up Freelance freelance framework

Which course is best for freelancing?

I believe this is the best online freelancing course. Nicki is super-supportive. Because of this support, I am now earning over $1500 a month, while scaling down my main role to 4 days a week. Nicki offers actionable strategies, that you can scale to fit your business, at whatever point of development you are at.

A freelance course? Does this approach work?

I am proof it does! I am now earning as said above. The beauty is that you can go as fast or steady as you like, so you set up your business correctly, the first time. If you’ve already started freelancing, this course can help you scale up your income by teaching you how to find great clients who pay you what you are worth.

What is the job of a freelancer?

A freelancer has the role of providing services to a number of clients, on a self-employed basis.

What work could I do freelance?

There are many freelance business ideas. Check out some of these below:
Social Media Manager
Graphic Designer
Pinterest Manager
Virtual Assistant
Executive Assistant
Personal Assistant
Business Operations Consultant
Efficiency Consultant
Paid Ads Consultant
Web Developer
HR Consultant
Corporate Communications Consultant
Corporate Wellness Consultant
Branding Photographer
Copy Editor
Customer Service
Data Analyst
Mobile Developer
Email and Marketing Automation
Customer Research Consultants
Public Relations Consultant
Management Consultant
Podcast Engineer
Video Editor
Insurance Consultant
Ecommerce Consultant
Secret Shopper Consultant
Community Manager

This is by no means, a definitive list. There are so many freelance job ideas out there.

Does the Fired Up Freelance course come with coaching?

When you sign up for the Freelance Success Framework, you have access to coaching webinars every single month, where you can ask Nicki any questions you have. 
No question is too basic.
This is working brilliantly for me within her copywriting course.
Questions come to me as I start to work through examples and learn more. 

On top of group coaching sessions every month, you have access to an exclusive Facebook group.
This group is chock full of people who are so supportive and will answer your questions. Nicki is on every day to help and she has provided me with so much constructive feedback. 
The course is so nurturing and supportive – nothing is too much trouble for anybody. 

How much does Fired Up Freelance freelancing course cost?

It’d be true to say that this course is by no means the cheapest of the freelancing courses out there. At the price it is (in the three figures $$$) you could argue it’s expensive. 

But you really do get what you pay for.

Cheap means not comprehensive or in-depth enough. 

And yes, you will be searching the internet for hours again – trying to find answers.

Is there a money guarantee?

Yes. Every course that is worth the money has.  
For me it was an investment worth taking, as it was backed with a 30-day guarantee.
Find out more?

Is Fired Up Freelance legit?

Yes. Nicki has more than 15 years of experience in the world of freelancing, namely copywriting. 

The other measure to check is if the coach puts their actual name to the programme and she has.

You can look her up freely on the internet and check her credentials or check out her copy site at

Benefits of Freelancing in Summary

  • You can be your own boss
  • It lets you potentially work fewer hours for more money.
  • Freelancing lets you fit work around the kids.
  •  You can work from home, when you want to work.
  • Beginners can become freelancers with the correct framework, support and guidance. 
  • Having a freelance business puts you in charge of your career, and income.
  • You can choose what type of freelancer you want to be – something that excites and inspires you!

Convinced? Go on, take the training below.

My Freelancing experience as a result of Nicki’s expert tuition

My 2020-21 freelance experience

Key points (updated July 2021): 

  • I have made a consistent income equalling or higher than my day job wage in Q2 2021 (working one day a week on my freelance business)
  • I now have 2 lovely ongoing clients for copywriting. One in the pet space and one in the niche site space.
  • I made a big decision to make my web development skills part of my freelance offering – this course has been invaluable at focusing me in on my goals.

Key points (updated April 2021): 

  • I have made a consistent income higher than my day job wage in Q4 2020 (working 7-10 hours a week!). 
  • My first job for my first lovely client paid the equivalent price of the course off. 
  • I love freelancing! It’s so much fun! 

For more detail on my adventure into freelancing see below. I can’t quite believe the opportunities I am getting now as a result!

Apr 2021 – update

Wow – time has flown. Some big news for you now. 

With the money I earned from copywriting we have managed to afford to move to our dream house – and.. I have saved enough money to cut my main job down to 4 days a week! 

So this shows how much I made! I have consistently made my teacher wage or much more since I last updated you! So now is the time I feel happy to downgrade my day job – it will involve a notice period but then I am freer to start scaling my income. 

Action Steps for April onwards (eek!) 

  • Arrange (fingers crossed) my day job downgrade for April 12
  • Get some 1 to 1 coaching with Kate Sitarz or Nicki the coaches of this course. 
  • Hit $8k a month by December 2021. 

July 2021 – Help with my freelance business framework

I am so excited! My client in the pet space wants urgent copy and loves the way I can write like she speaks. It’s great to be working on a project topic I really enjoy.

Alongside this, I want to offer my clients ultimate value. Seen as I’m a seasoned blogger and know my way round a website pretty well, I got to thinking that I should learn to be a rockstar developer too. Amberfoxdigital was born this month!!

Ahhh I can hardly wait! When my web dev portfolio is online, I will post a link for you.

So I have set myself a target of a year now to transition from part-time teacher/freelancer to full-time freelancer. Fired up Freelance is becoming invaluable in helping me through these steps.

Anyway I digress…

Underneath here, you will see examples of other questions I was asking myself when I was thinking of taking a freelancing course, so you can get a feel for what’s involved with freelancing; whether you would prefer freelancing or a contractor’s job; and more information on the course and whether it is a fit for you. 

If you have any questions, as always email me over at [email protected]