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My favourite blog tools for beginners

My Favourite Blog Tools

Here is a review of my favourite blog tools I am using right now to improve my basic knowledge of blogging. They are helping me grow my blog in a focused way.

3 Blog tools I can't live without

3 Blog tools I can’t live without






























This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. I only promote product that I genuinely love, think are great value and trust. 

Boosting Your Blog Traffic “The She Approach”


This is the ebook that  I have bought, to help me grow my blog traffic.

The book is another of my favourite blog tools because Ana, the author, does not present the information in a patronising way. I don’t know about you, but the world of blogging seems overwhelming at the moment. The web is full of conflicting advice on what to do to grow your blog. This book has been really useful because, for $25 it gave me a clear focus.

The book is divided into clearly defined chapters, covering:

  • the  basics of blogging
  • how to identify and write for your target audience.
  • how to improve your reach on various social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.
  • how to build a strong network around  you.
  • what SEO is, and use it to your advantage

Ana also includes freebies such as access to her list of facebook group boards and other advice that I was suprised came with the book. It was surprising how many of the simple things I had missed. The experience of a highly successful blogger, is for me, worth following, as I establish myself. Personally, I have printed each chapter out and highlighted and written notes around the margins. I know that I will need to review the new information a lot, because I am taking on board so much new information right now!

Follow my link to purchase this ebook for only $25

The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic was just what I needed. By laying the foundations first the ebook enabled me to prepare my blog for my readers and increase my chances of more shares.

It broke down in easy to understand language how to approach SEO, email marketing and built my understanding of how to publicise my blog via various social media platforms.  The in-depth strategies and step-by-step guides on understanding social media platforms and the information on how to find and target your dream audience was exactly what was missing and what everyone else failed to share.

Slowly but surely, I started making the recommended changes to my website, follow the easy to understand strategies in the ebook and even automate some of tasks so I can free up my time to focus on creating more awesome content.

The amount of time I saved, not having to search around for the answers, in the vain hope I’d find the ideas that actually work was amazing. My improved blog traffic is proof. Click here to see the progress my pins are making already.

If you are interested in Ana’s other products, I have purchased the Affiliate Marketing Bundle and also the Ebook Making Pinterest possible.

These are superb value for money also!

Here are the links to find out further information – you will find these amazingly useful also.

Making Pinterest Possible 

Affiliate Bundle

Pin Planner from Elna at

This has been crucial in particularly understanding Pinterest. Again, there is a lot to learn, but Elna gives you different choices, depending on what stage you are at. I love the colourful layout and the user friendly explanations she gives. Also, she links her explanations, in some cases, to videos, which are very easy to understand. She doesn’t use unnecessary jargon and I was able to pick up skills from her very quickly. It is one of my favourite blog tools because it empowered me to carry on and try new things.

Bear in mind that if you want this pin planner, you automatically go on to her newsletter list. I have found this very useful though. She is always sending tips for building blog traffic and is very friendly. She has made me feel like I am already very much part of the community.

(This link to twinsmommy is not an affiliate link)

Tailwind Scheduler for Pinterest

As a result of purchasing Ana’s book, I figured that I needed to get my profile up and running on Pinterest. Her advice was to take a chance on the automatic scheduler called Tailwind.

Advantages of Tailwind for Pinterest:

You can automatically schedule pins with ease, to more than one board at once.

It analyses pin performance, to give you a gauge as to your pin’s performance

It has an intelligent dashboard, which will suggest when your audience is at their most active.

You can access Tailwind Tribes, which are groups of people keen to share your pins, in return for you sharing theirs. This sharing is so powerful and easily extend your reach unbelievably quickly.


If you go through my Tailwind you can gain a free month’s trial of Tailwind before you buy.

My Performance Improvement Since Buying Tailwind

Take a look at this – before Tailwind. This is from Pinterest analytics – the most important part to look at is how your pins from your website are doing.









Starting out with Tailwind – big improvements August 2018

September – a large jump in performance. Tailwind tribes starting rating my content here and I got more shares on the site.

October  – the figures over the month have jumped again. 

UPDATE – November so far











Update – My Pinterest audience is now hitting 63k as a result! (January 2019) Try Tailwind free for a month here.

You can choose whether to buy Tailwind annually or monthly.

Prices:  $14.99 monthly             Total per year $179.98

$119  yearly

The annual deal is by far the best – as you can above – it works out as 4 months for free and lets you have unlimited pins. The monthly plan limits you to 400 pins a month.

Reasons I use Tailwind

  1. It saves me on average 5 hours a week, that I was manually pinning.
  2. It suggests to me when to pin – I don’t need to go into deep analysis
  3. I can share my content over a huge network, using Tailwind tribes. – this is itself is wort the $119 a year I pay
  4. I can use my time to learn from other, more well established bloggers by analysing their content and let my scheduler pin to Pinterest for me. I can also use my 5 hours of time to produce new, killer content.

So in a nutshell, these are the three tools I would recommend you try, to drive traffic to your website. If you want to read about Tailwind in more detail, hop over to my linked post. Has it made you think about your goals and where you ideally want to be? Pinterest is an invaluable tool and one I thoroughly recommend you experiment with today!


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