Cash Envelopes Cute Animals Design (Printable)

Are you keen to start cash budgeting? I find that colourful cash envelopes are really motivating! Check out my cute animal cash envelopes! #cashenvelope #cashenvelopes #budgeting

Do you use cash envelopes when you budget every month? 

Organise your cash and stick to each separate budget closely, by keeping small budgets of cash in each envelope. Make it more exciting by printing cool and colourful designs.

Do you fancy trying cash envelopes for budgeting? Try my cute animal cash envelopes here

Cash envelope - Cute elephant and hippos

These cash envelopes are a 100% downloadable PDF. They are super easy to print. You will have a file that you can print unlimited times and they are super cute!

These are also great to use with the Dave Ramsey Cash envelope system.  

On one side of the cash envelopes are a space to write down your spending on the go. Every time I make a purchase with my envelope I write it down, then record the balance remaining.  This make it easy to see how much is left in each envelope, without having to count the cash every time. 

One of the envelopes is purposefully blank, so you can customise it using coloured paper and have it any colour you like!

Do you fancy trying cash envelopes for cash budgeting? Try my cute animal cash envelopes here

Cash envelope - cute owls

Do you fancy trying the cash envelope system for budgeting? Try my cute animal cash envelopes here

Cash envelope - cute ducklings

Set includes:

  • 7 different coloured printable envelopes (horizontal) 
  • Cute dragonfly envelope
  • Cute owls 
  • Cute ducklings 
  • Cute hippos and elephants 
  • Cute cats 
  • Cute birds
  • Plain envelope
  • Wide enough to punch for a filofax
  • One blank template, so you can print onto whatever patterned paper you choose (scrapbook paper, coloured paper)
  • Budget tracker as part of the envelope. 
Want to start cash budgeting? Cash envelopes with a cash budget really work! I love these cute animal envelopes!

Money envelopes - Cute animal series


  • 170mm  wide x 100mm tall. UK version 
  • 6.6 inches wide x 3.9 inches tall 
  • You can print these envelopes on A4 size paper. (210mm x 297mm or 8.27 × 11.69 inches)

I am deeply committed to providing quality and value. My mission is to help you to achieve your financial goals.

If your cash envelopes don't meet with your satisfaction, you are entitled to:

  • a full refund
  • no questions asked.

I am always striving for 100% customer satisfaction, so feedback is always appreciated. 

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