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Cheap food ideas- 5 ideas to save money on your bills

Cheap food ideas that you can action today to save money

Here are some of my cheap food ideas for the whole spectrum –  the busy single life to the large family scenario.

Cheap Food Idea 1  – Make meals in large batches and freeze.
More debt free inspiration for you today – I, at the same time as taking in lodgers, hit upon the idea
of (mostly inspired by my mum), of making meals in large batches, and freezing the left overs.


Cheap Food Idea 2 –  Buy cheap heavy duty freezer bags, or plastic tubs of the correct size for the portions you are
planning to freeze as one lump. I bought enough to store 3 types of meal, so I could rotate what
I was eating and I achieved enough variety for healthy living also.

Cheap Food Idea 3 – Invest in a big pan/pot – cheap stores like Ikea are reasonable. I picked up one from ASDA for
less than £10.
Ideas for freezable re-heatable ideas – stews, chilli, potato hash, corn beef hash, soup (packed full of
vegetables so more filling), stir fries (not chicken)
Using these as my meals for 3 to 4 days a week, I could live, for a single person at time, on a budget
of approximately £15 a week.
Previous to this, I had been spending up to £50 a week. Major savings I achieved throughout a
period of no main income. This allowed me to just to keep within my budget, while I was claiming benefits.


Cheap Food Idea 4 – Freeze bags of vegetables on the day you chop them.

Instead of throwing away the excess you have prepared, or it going off in the fridge because you might not use it all, it there ready to use at any point. It can just be steamed, by placing in a bowl covered with cling film (with air holes punched in) in the microwave for approximately a minute.

Cheap Food Idea 5 – Local markets are excellent for picking up cheap food

I go and give myself a strict budget of £10, and I am able to buy the vegetables and fruit needed for the week’s consumption. I very rarely shop at the supermarket for fruit and vegetables now, since the market’s fruit and
vegetables taster far better, they are cheaper, and I can buy exactly what I want. I think
supermarkets are so wasteful in terms of selling some of their fruit and vegetables in bulk,
covering it with unnecessary packaging, and keeping their fruit fresh by using preservatives.

Finally.. look at budget supermarkets – these offer great quality brand alternatives and actually most
of their offerings, in terms of food, have been fabulous. My total bill at present, at the most,
doesn’t exceed £35. This is including other items such as cleaning products also.
As always, feel free to add your debt free inspirations to my blog and my pinterest area.

Remember: we are on a journey together towards the ultimate freedom: debt free bliss.


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