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Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you skint? Read my 20+ ideas for Cheap Dates for Valentine's Day. Contributions from the UK Money Bloggers. #budgetvalentine #valentinesday #cheapdates #savemoney

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and probably, like me, you are looking for romantic Valentine’s date ideas. For me Valentine’s Day is about really showing Mr Budget how much I care, but without compromising our goals for financial freedom, and of course our budget.

That said, it really is our thing also to have as much fun as humanly possible!

But what could you do as a couple, when you value romance over money?

Here are a few of the cutest Valentine’s day ideas that I have found, have been shared generously by the UK Money Bloggers, or we have loved in the past.

20 Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

1.Go for a takeaway, hit the town and have a couple of drinks in your favourite bars.

2.Go sledging and play in the snow.

3. Spend it in bed!

4. Go to a comedy show

    Some local theatres or local amateur dramatic societies have cheap tickets.


5. Host a pot luck

    Get two other couples to join you and all bring you favourite crock pot dish, for a shared dinner.

6. Have a traditional board game night.

7. Rearrange one of your rooms at home – try out a new arrangement of furniture and accessories.

8. Role play – wear costumes!

9. Go for a midnight walk or bike ride around your local area.

9. Plan a scavenger hunt for each other, with special notes at each stopping point.

10. Spend valentine’s day with someone who has lost their valentine and cheer them up.

11.Go out for a breakfast date

    – this is something me and Mr Budget will definitely do! We love a traditional cooked

       breakfast, served in one of Darwen’s finest cafes.


12.Have a movie marathon with your favourite icecream

13.  Take a short spa together

  Shop around – spas will do a valentine’s package that works out cheaper.


14. Box set marathon

15. Get the Karma Sutra out and have lots of fun!

16. Go down on a trip down memory lane

17. Take a bath together

18. Cook dinner together and dress up as if you are going out for dinner.

19. Write a handwritten letter all about what you love about each other.

20.Have your favourite desert treat in bed, along with your favourite comedy boxset.

Ours would be ‘Frasier’ – we never get tired of watching it!


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Are you skint? Read my 20+ ideas for Cheap Dates for Valentine's Day. Contributions from the UK Money Bloggers. #budgetvalentine #valentinesday #cheapdates #savemoney

20+ Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you skint? Read my 20+ ideas for Cheap Dates for Valentine's Day. Contributions from the UK Money Bloggers. #budgetvalentine #valentinesday #cheapdates #savemoney

20+ Date Ideas on a Shoestring

Are you skint? Read my 20+ ideas for Cheap Dates for Valentine's Day. Contributions from the UK Money Bloggers. #budgetvalentine #valentinesday #cheapdates #savemoney

20 + Valentine’s date ideas for when you’re skint

Now let’s turn our attention to the UK Money Bloggers.

The question was:


What is your favourite, most romantic Valentine’s day idea on a budget?


Stay in and Cook

  • Michelle, over at timeandpence, says, ‘My husband and I take it in turns each year to cook each other a 3 course meal. It’s always a surprise, good fun, keeps the romance alive and is so much cheaper than going out!’ 

Her site has so many brilliant ideas for saving money – this post on ways of saving money I found particularly useful because I want to find out about cashback schemes at the moment.

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Buy a Quality Meal Deal

  • Missmanypennies, from Miss Many Pennies explains, ‘We don’t do cards and gifts so no costs there, but quite often we’ll buy one of the supermarket Valentines Meal Deals – where you get 3 courses and a bottle of wine or fizz for between £10-£20ish depending where you get it. The M&S one is really nice, but for a bit less cash the Tesco one is pretty good too. It gives us a night off ‘proper’ cooking and a nice meal together without restaurant and babysitter costs.’

Her site is well worth a look for general money saving, to making the most of your budget at crucial times in your life.


Poundland Challenge

  • Savvyinsomerset adds a fabulous idea to the mix for a romantic evening in. Read her experience when she and her husband challenged themselves to a dollarstore (Poundland) date. This has definitely got me thinking. When she reflects on the successes, she says that it was so successful because they were able to take time out and focus on being with each other.

Savvy’s site is full of amazing money saving ideas – I regularly read it for inspiration for my own budget. I am loving her chocolate cheesecake idea and will be making this soon! It could also be a hit for Valentine’s day for the wholes family!

Spa At Home

  • Claire, from  DailyDealsUK goes on to say, I do my hubby a ‘spa at home’ date every year – He comes home from work and there’s a bubble bath run – with towels laid out and a cold glass of wine on the side. I then do him a face mask (from home bargain) and a massage with oils (again from home bargains) later on and we have a cheese board with the rest of the wine. Done it for years and it’s costs less than £10′. 

Read more about her spa idea here. Her post is also jam packed with loads of other tried and tested ideas to try, on a budget, that have been successful.


Creative DIY Gifts on a Budget

  • Emma over at beemoneysavvy suggests to widen your scope and think of making budget gifts also. ‘Why not try your hand at a more creative valentines gift this year? To get your creative juices flowing, here are some DIY valentines gift ideas… love coupons/tokens, ‘open when’ letters, a photobook/scrapbook, a gift hamper, a montage video or home baked love cupcakes.

You seriously need to read her brilliant budget gift guide for Valentine’s day.


Foot Rub and Movie Night

Kelly suggests, ‘Movie night! Pick your fave movie, popcorn, snacks, drinks and a foot rub. Perfecto!’

Her blog link is here – she runs a fantastic blog about various topics including money saving, home schooling and reviewing the arts and culture.


So, hopefully you can go armed with a headful of budget ideas for what you could arrange this Valentine’s day. For further ideas, I also have a post on romantic Christmas dates – some of these are still so applicable now. Read it here.


Has it helped you sort out a cheap date for Valentine’s day, without the headache of rushing around last minute?

Has it made you consider an alternative way of spending Valentine’s day with your loved one? 

Or has it just made a romantic Valentine’s day date possible, even though you are completely broke?


As always, I hope this post has been useful for you and if you have any great ideas to add, please add them in the comments section.

Take care,






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