Read how I made over $3000 in May 2020 with my blog. Monetising your blog is so easy. Get my recommendations and an insight into how I did it.

Blog Income Report for May 2020 : How I Earned $3609.58

Blogging Income Report May 2020

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Make passive income from a blog? 

When I got through 18 months of blogging and I hadn’t seen a cent, I could have laughed.

But there was determination in me to keep going until I knew how to make money blogging.

So I’m so excited to tell you that I made a grand total of $3609.58 in May 2020! 

Now I realise that we are in strange times, with C-19 causing a lockdown all round the world. (I am so realistic. This could just be people seizing an opportunity to do things that normally they don’t find the time to do).

But..hey – now I know I can monetize my blog.

Me..the elementary school teacher! On one income!

So you think you can’t do it – I’m proof you can.

My way forward

Do you know what  – I’m going to see things like this:

  • I have made a brilliant amount of money in May, so now to scale up.
  • How can I make this again?
  • How can I diversify, so that I can double it, triple it?

Thoughts to inspire you

My main role is so demanding, I felt for months, that I was making a snail’s amount of progress.

If you are at this point, please, please keep going.

Just baby steps every day.

   In a rush?

How to Earn Passive Income Blogging – Steps I Took 

 Set up your blog with my guide to Bluehost and WordPress 

 Write 5 blog posts in-line with your niche

 Buy Ell’s Pinterest course to help you get page views quicker.  


Publish blog posts at least weekly. 


Buy an SEO course, when you are confident with Pinterest.

       Stupid Simple SEO is the best online SEO course for bloggers.

            (in my humble opinion)

Buy an affiliate marketing course.

       Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the best online course. 

            (again – my opinion)

The courses will pay themselves back many times!

✅Be consistent with writing, posting and SEO strategies and you  

        will  make money every month like me. 

Is blogging easy? 

Now I am not going to give you some fairy story.

Blogging is not easy – it takes time, you have to learn a lot of things in a short space of time.

Most of all you have to be consistent, even when you feel you are not making any progress.

My second blog income report – May 2020

Affiliate Sales – $3607.60

Shop sale        –   $1.98

affiliate income May 2020

Why do you share your blog income reports Helen? 

The reason is so that you can see what is possible too.

You CAN create a blog and make money from it even in 2020!

Personal finance is not easy for so many people, so along with my budget story, I want to help you achieve the things that are starting to happen to me.

This shows you that it is so possible in 2020 to make money blogging. The income reports are a true reflection of my journey and how long it has taken me to master content writing.

How much money can you make from blogging? 

There are lots of variables with this. The sky is really the limit with blog income.

It can depend on how much money you make per affiliate sale you make.

So one affiliate program might award you $200 per sale, whereas another might be a couple of dollars.

Bloggers who are most successful can make up $100,000 a year and more. Some bloggers make their own courses, sell their own products and offer coaching.

So there are multiple ways to make money from blogging.

You need to get as many eyes on what you are recommending or selling.

So this means you need to build your blog traffic.

See below for my blog income formula that worked for me.

Can a beginner monetize a blog? 

When I started, in June 2018, I was a complete beginner, with zero writing experience. I had zip in terms of SEO knowledge and I knew what Pinterest was but not how to  even use it.

My thoughts were.. well it’s within my budget starting this blog so why not.

It has taken me almost exactly 20 months to make blogging income.

For a long time, I had to survive through thoughts such as:

  • My husband actually thinks I’m crazy for getting up early and working after work on something that brings no benefits he can see.
  • I am doing everything that established, successful bloggers told me to do! Why am I not seeing any kind of decent blog revenue?
  • I am working what seems like hours for no returns.
  • I am putting this content out – is it awful? Why is no-one reading it?
  • I have tried so many things – why on earth is Google and Pinterest not giving me any love at all?
  • Why is really unrelated content or poorly written stuff ranking on Google?
  • My monetization story

    Those of you that follow my posts will be familiar with the image of me bent over my laptop most nights after my main job.

    But for you who have just joined me this is my blog story.

    Most evenings, for 2 hours if I was lucky, I worked in coffee shops creating my content, not having a clue what I was doing really.

    My preferred blog spot are cafes. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

    The courses came later – I wish I had had the money for them earlier, as they completely changed the way I worked and I saw massive improvements in page views very quickly.

    My philosophy is to save for what you need and not go into debt, so as you can imagine, it took a while to save, but I managed it.

     If you can, it is better to invest in the courses in the first 6 months of blogging, so you have less content to edit later on!

    So here’s my blog income formula, from all my trial and error.

    Setting up a blog cheaply and self host

    Blog setup with Bluehost and WordPress

    You need to be self hosting because your site will be viewed as better on Google. If you are not, it will be a hassle further down the road. 

    Write blog posts

    Write at least one blog post a week. It needs to be strictly in the niche of your site, so Google understands your site as a whole.

    Build traffic to your blog using Pinterest

    In your first three months, learn all there is to know about Pinterest.

    Pinterest with El has given my blog a massive increase in traffic.

    The way she explains things is so relatable and easy.

    Here’s some links to some helpful pages for Pinterest:

    Blogging for money next steps

    Learn about SEO

    After 5 months or so you will be ready for learning about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

    This is how you get Google to love your posts and place them onto page 1. Let’s face it, people have smaller attention spans now, so the first page is where you want your affiliate posts to be.

    My best earning affiliate posts are on page one. (Earnings for my June blog income report are already at $1835 so far!)

    Learn more about Stupid Simple SEO here.

    Your blog is a money-making business

    View your blog as a business – promote products and things that you believe your audience will benefit from and you believe in yourself.

    I didn’t quite understand the power of this sentence when I started blogging. Now I think of it as:

     – would you recommend it to your mother or your close family?

    If not, don’t promote it.

    Michelle Shroeder’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course has been inspirational in this respect. See my full review here and how it helped me leverage my new side income. 

    Final thoughts for this month

    I might not be earning over $10,000 a month, like some of the very successful bloggers out there. But I am so happy to be making money!

     Looking at my affiliate dashboards, to think that I am on course to make more than $2000 in June is just so exciting.

    my blog affiliate income for june so far

    I set out to challenge myself – with a dream that sometimes I doubted and my husband challenged quite regularly.

    The self doubt now is still there, but fainter and I am feeling more determined than ever that I can make this work!

    Being realistic, I don’t want to rely fully on one stream of income so my word for 2020 is …diversify!

    To fully achieve my dreams of working at home, I am combining writing content for my blog, and monetizing it, with learning how to become a freelance copywriter.

    It’s so exciting right now and pushing me way beyond my boundaries of confidence – I want to realise my dream of writing content and copy from wherever in the world I am.

    In Conclusion – My challenge to you!

    Some dream – but I intend to achieve it.

    So let’s focus on you now.

    What are your dreams?

    Has this helped to get you going?

    What baby step are you going to action today, to get one step closer to your dream?  

    Get in touch if you have any questions about making money blogging or freelance copywriting.

    I’m always happy to help.

    [email protected]