blog income June 2020 - $2056

Blog Income Report June 2020 : How I Earned $2056

Blogging Income Report June 2020

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You may be asking do blogs still make money in 2020?

Well I am proof that you can actually make money with a blog.

I’m not going to lie – it’s been a tough two years, learning and not seeing a cent!

But I was determined not to give up.

So I’m so excited to tell you that I made a grand total of $2056 in June 2020!

I did wonder whether it would be a one month thing due to C-19 but this total almost meets my main job income! I’m now excited about the other actions I put into place this month.

Actions from May’s income report

  • Scale up and create more affiliate content.
  • Compare competition for the blog posts that are making money and add keywords that are missing from my posts.
  • Decide whether to branch out and set up a niche site also – eek!

Actions completed

I am pleased to say that I have created two more affiliate posts for products that I really believe in and that work for me as a blogger. Now all I need to do is enter them into Google search console so it can index them.

In a few days, I will check their Google ranking and then research my competitors on page 1 .

I will check:

  • What keywords they rank for that I don’t
  • What questions they answer that I don’t – from this I will make a note to talk about the topic (I never, ever copy their content)
  • How many words they have written using a handy chrome extension called Word Counter Plus.

They will need time then to ‘marinade’ in Google and I will check them in July.

Top tip –  If I edit or add new content, I always publish the post to the new date.

Why I publish blog income reports 

I must admit it is a little weird publishing this out there for everyone to see – even my friends and family can peek. It’s not there so I can show off or brag.

But I feel I need to be transparent and honest with you guys, so you can see realities of blogging in 2020.

You CAN create a blog and make money from it even in 2020!

Personal finance is not easy for so many people, so along with my budget story, I want to help you achieve the things that are starting to happen to me.

This shows you that it is so possible in 2020 to make money blogging. The income reports are a true reflection of my journey and how long it has taken me to master content writing and make money from from my blog.

My third blog income report – June 2020 

Affiliate 2 income June 2020

Affiliate Sales 1 – $1858

Affiliate Sales 2 – $198

Shop sales        –   $0.00

June affiliate income 1 $1858

How much money can you make from blogging?

There are lots of variables with this. The sky is really the limit with blog income.

It can depend on how much money you make per affiliate sale you make.

So one affiliate program might award you $200 per sale, whereas another might be a couple of dollars.

Finnsavvypanda has been very successful making money via affiliate marketing.

Bloggers who are most successful can make up $100,000 a year and more. Some bloggers make their own courses, sell their own products and offer coaching.

So there are multiple ways to make money from blogging.

You need to get as many eyes on what you are recommending or selling.

So this means you need to build your blog traffic using SEO.

Steps and investments I made to make passive income happen

Quick Read

How to Earn Passive Income Blogging – Steps I Took 

 Set up your blog with a WordPress dashboard and a great host like Bigscoots

 Write 5 blog posts in-line with your niche

Publish blog posts at least weekly. 


Buy an SEO course.

 Stupid Simple SEO is the best online SEO course for bloggers.

(in my humble opinion)

Buy an affiliate marketing course.

       Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the best online course. 

(again – my opinion)

The courses will pay themselves back many times!

Be consistent with writing, posting and SEO strategies and you  will  make money every month like me. 

 So here are my recommended steps to success, from all my trial and error.

Blog setup with Bigscoots and WordPress.

You need hosting because your site will be viewed as better on Google.

Write at least one blog post a week. It needs to be strictly in the niche of your site, so Google understands your site as a whole.

Make money from blogging – Learn SEO

After 5 months or so you will be ready for learning about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

This is basically how you get Google to notice your blog posts and put them onto page 1.

Say someone searches for the best flea treatment – you want your post to appear on page 1 because people don’t tend to view past this page.

My best earning affiliate posts are on page one. (Earnings for my May blog income report totalled over $3600!)

I honestly don’t know where I would be with Stupid Simple SEO – probably still trying to figure out how to earn more than $1!

Read my honest review of Stupid Simple SEO.

Treat your blog like a business

View your blog as a business – promote products and things that you believe your audience will benefit from. You have to truly believe in these products yourself because otherwise people will see your writing as insincere and flimsy.

I didn’t quite understand the power of this sentence when I started blogging. Now I think of it as –

Would you recommend it to your mother or your close family?

If not, don’t promote it.

Learn about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically recommending a product or service to your audience. In return, the company gives you a percentage of the sale price.

You will have your own affiliate links that your audience can click through. If they click through your link, you will receive the commission. (It doesn’t cost your audience anything additional on top of the price of the product).

Michelle’s course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing,  has been inspirational in this respect.

  • She helps you write your posts so they are not too salesy and you come across as helpful to your audience.
  • She teaches you how to write different types of affiliate posts.
  • Nothing is too much trouble within her Facebook group – there is no such thing as a silly question. I have learned so much from her!

Michelle has made over $500,000 with just one blog post, and her course is a brilliant buy in my opinion.

I might not be earning over $10,000 a month yet, like some of the very successful bloggers out there. But I am so happy to be making money!

To think that it is so possible that I will be making $2000+ every month is so exciting! And beyond my wildest dreams!

Final thoughts for this month

The success in building a blog income has all come about because I absolutely refused to give up.

Also, I trained myself to be consistent, so now this, for me, is the most important thing to carry on.

July will be about return of investment also. So in addition to building this blog’s income, I will be building my freelance copywriter client base. Read more about my journey via this post: Filthy Rich Writer Reviews

It’s official – I have made a decision!

In July I will be using some of my affiliate earnings to set up a niche website, and will be building content for this! I am soo excited.

Watch this space, as I will be regularly updated my journey into setting up niche sites as well as pushing myself into the copywriting world!

What are your dreams? Has this helped to focus you? Get in touch if you have any questions about making money blogging or freelance writing.

I’m always happy to help.

[email protected]