About Me – Starting my blog

About me and how I started…saving money and getting value for money has always been important to my life. This blog – Budgeting is a Challenge – came about because I wanted to share my experiences with all of you that are in the same situation. Normal people with the desire to squeeze value out of every penny in life.

I started off as a primary school teacher, and, after a period of time in industry (I know – bizarre career change!) I am back again in the classroom. My budgeting challenges started as it does with everyone when I started out on my independent life. This involved studying at St. Mary’s College in Twickenham. Every day was a challenge in terms of making ends meet, but also balancing it with having fun while in one of the best periods in my life.

Needless to say, this helped me develop many creative ways of making ends meet. London is a vibrant city, full of life and exciting things to do – so I took full advantage of this. When it was time to return home to the North West of England, I found the lifestyle of a single person very expensive. Through this though I bought my own house, with help from my family at 22. By the time I was 28, again with the help of very generous family, I had done my first house renovation and, as an quick way of paying it off, had moved home for a year.

Throughout the following years, through luck and good fortune I have met my other half and developed a very successful rental portfolio, along with us being very proud to once again own our own home.

Budgeting wisely has always been part of our journey. As the title of my blog suggests, we are not perfect. We still make plenty of mistakes, along with the good decisions!

The idea of sharing really helped me when times were tough. My friends always had a listening ear. My blog is there for you, if you are in this situation. I view life as a continual cycle and I think all of us need different types of support, depending on what is happening in our lives right now. I enjoy sharing my successes – these might inspire you too.


Blogging for Women

My blog is also to inspire women particularly to start a blog and share their experiences. I want this blog to be an open community that shares their experiences along with their personal journeys. It was a pet hate of mine to be told I could not do something or wouldn’t be capable because I was a woman. This blog’s purpose is also to empower women anywhere in the world, to start a blog. Also not be afraid of the new possibilities this could open up for them in their lives.

Journey for All of Us

Blogging started out as a personal experiment, to update myself on the workings of the net. After all, I need to be up to date to teach children (who probably know more than I do already!)

As I blogged, surprising to me, was how therapeutic it was. I had a new challenge, in that I had a new debt. A necessary car loan. This irritated me being honest, that I was in debt again. I figured that people would benefit this time around from how I approach that challenge.

In conclusion this blog is a tool for all of us to learn from each other. I have shared what I have learnt so far. Why don’t you join me on the journey to getting out of debt, making money, saving money and boosting household income to the max.